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December 19, 2008
Fractal stockies by =zananeichan is a beautiful fractal that you can use in your own art work.
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Fractal stockies

This a fractal image i done for one of the elements inmy request art deviation.

You are free to use it as stock, only where there is no violence, people getting hurt and gore , everything else is fine... and i am not fussy about..:-) :love:

To use it, in photoshop, use background eraser brush, set it to discontinuous and the tolerence to 50 or 65% and click on black areas to cut around the fractal. You will note dark areas get more transparency and the lighter areas stay the same.
Then paste over your manipulation and do whjat you want with it.

Love and hugs
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© 2008 - 2021 zananeichan
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Storm-Engineer's avatar
Greetings! Very nice one! :)

Used it in my Queen 40 years anniversary T-shirt design which is my entry for Queen's design contest.
zananeichan's avatar
hmm inbtersting :hug: glad you enjoyed using my stockies, I hope you do well :hug:
BlackAngst's avatar
It's beutiful... :omg:

Was this done in apophysis?
zananeichan's avatar
Thank you very much, yes it was :hug:
Fotomonta's avatar
Hi there! Used this beautiful fractal for my manip "Colour Theme - Purple" [link] ... Thanks much for sharing! :yoda:
zananeichan's avatar
Thank you very much, and glad you enjoyed using it :hug: :love: purple is my favourite colour :hug:
HaX-eXe's avatar
great work bro:)
HaX-eXe's avatar not sure:))
zananeichan's avatar
yup like may parents when i popped out of the womb with blue skin, and black hair looking like a Na'vi
sonofmedb's avatar
OMG this is the sort of thing I want to make! I try to make stuff like that... I'll fave this! Go to my page, by the way!
Darn, I never miss a chance to plug myself...
zananeichan's avatar
Thats great :heart: Its not 100% my passion, its o.k , prefere my figures and details combing art and mediums etc into an art piece :hug:
Doodlee-a's avatar
I used your awesome piece for inspiration for a nebula!
Thank you so much!
zananeichan's avatar
Its a pleasure and thank you and glad you enjoyed using it :heart: :love:
Doodlee-a's avatar
Thank you!
And thanks for the fave!
Kirsui's avatar
That's one epic fractal. :wow: Very beautiful colours and shapes in it. :D
zananeichan's avatar
It is, and I dont thin k it is as epic as some of my others, but yup people seemed to love it :hug: btw it is a stock fractal so you can use it :-) :hug: :love:
Kirsui's avatar
I put it as my wallpaper on my school computer. :D It's very nice to look at! :hug:
zananeichan's avatar
Wow thats lovely :heart: , glad you enjoy it :-) :hug: and yes customizing your work space is essential; for your working progress :hug:
DragonDew's avatar
I used this gorgeous fractal stock here[link]
Thankyou very much for sharing:heart:
zananeichan's avatar
Thank you, glad you enjoyed using the fractal stockies :heart:
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