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Life and work has been.... unfavorable over the last couple of months.

Combined with many other factors, art has not been really done for the last 5 months.

i'll try to get things back in track somehow.

Thank you all for sticking around.

I am pleased to announce that my Patreon page is officially open!

It has been a while and there have been a lot of rough patches and false starts. But i think now it’s the time to actually do this once and for all.

Essentially, this is for the most part a Tip Jar. But, since there’s a lot of WIP stuff, unused content, and a lot of small things i do but i do not publish otherwise, i have thought that this will make up for a nice thing to give in exchange for, well, your change!

On top of that there will be hi-res uploads of the pictures and early previews of whatever else. So, it’s something worth checking out! I am sure there is, and there will be something for everyone in here!

Hope i get to see you guys there!

2016 was garbage. Let's hope 2017 is better.

You know, since Christmas is around the corner, then the three wise men, then my birthday, i guess it is a good idea to drop this here and see what happens.
Well, i am two days late to the journal but yeah.

Fixed Price Commission Sheet for 2016/17 by ZanaGB

Since some shitty is coming on the near future, such as me needing a neat workstation for the following 3 years of courses i will do, and to renew my whole bedroom to make it suitable for art production, video editing and recording, i am going to need a bit of help to set myself in and get everything ready.

There's not much to say that has not been said on the sheet already. But here's some guidelines.

I will only do SFW stuff, with pinups and probably a bit of tastefully risque content being as far as i'll go.

Pixel art is something that takes a lot of time and is unique to each request so i can't give an estimate, for sprites and other low-fi images, you will have to ask me for details.

For the most part i draw anthro stuff, but i can definitely do humans as well!

I don't think i am forgetting much stuff, so i guess that's all!

Have a good day!

Move along
A common theme when it comes to people, specially here, is that everyone goes too easy on saying i’m mean, or an asshole. But then there’s situations like these, and then you really not have to wonder:

In a nutshell, this random dude appears out of nowhere, asking to talk about sex with me, since i happen to be transexual and he loves women, but loves dicks even more and the whole ejaculation thing. Which is funny. It is not like i put everywhere that i am a sex aversed asexual, which is going to give you not the best answers in regards of sex. but even then. You just don’t start a conversation saying you want to talk about sex.

After that, half an hour followed where this people provided no context and denied that he is clearly deep in the closet. despite hinting to look into the appropriate resources by himself. then following how it was all about his choices and why would trans women actually get SRS, since it takes the best out of “both options”. which is funny, once i pointed out on the complete amount of bullshit from that statement, he somehow suddenly started making other statements where it was clear he knows quite a lot of the topic, for being someone “who wants to approach this issue from someone that knows it first hand”. Making the conversation quite pointless.

At the end of it i got the typical “and btw you’re where you are because you are an asshole” kind of deal. Which is kind of funny. Do you know how am i not an asshole? by being approached as the regular ass person that i am, if you make an ass out of yourself, i will not be short on being reciprocal. You are a cool person and act cool? Then we’re cool. You are a random nobody using a disposable account and your approach can be summarized with “YOU ARE TRANS, I LIKE DICKGIRLS, LETS SEX”. Then you’re going to have a hard time.

Sounds rather easy. if you ask me.

I should probably add: This person apparently came to be because of my old portfolio and that's what made the connection on his head. I still have to wonder. Did this person even bother to see i've never drawn his fetish? But whatever. People are incredibly stupid

TomoAlien Made this for my birthday, and i thought that i should probably share this with everyone :heart:
I really appreciate it, i really do.

Now, let me present you an accurate portrayal of me currently:

Nah, just kidding. It's more like this:

I have been on this space rock for 8035 days, now let's hope i can stay on for another 8035 more.

y'all know i am definetly not doing OK, so this, as mundane and stupid as it seems, is still something, lol. I also need to see if i can get dA to fix my date, i derped and placed it as the 14th, rather than the 15th. I am not going to complain for a day but lol )
Since January 1st, the fixed pricing system has been deprecated. Now commissioning is based upon a hourly rate of 6.5€ per hour, plus additional complexity or character fees.

As a general refresher, here's some very basic guidelines on the cans and can'ts ( to be updated and formatted properly )

-- Mostly anything that is cute and does not need overrendering will be drawn. Fluffy critters are preffered, but i can work with humans as well.
-- Pinups are OK, straight up NSFW works or anything against the general guidelines of the site are not.
-- No gore, or other messed up themes will be drawn. ( hypnosis, fantasy beheading, so on, so forth )
-- This does not fit really anywhere but. Commission requests that will not be accompanied with a comprehensive visual reference will be declined. Unless i'm asked to draw a well known character whose design material is widely abundant and available. On said case the description will need to be as precise as it can be to avoid any mistakes during the work phase.
-- 20€ will be charged per additional character. another 20 if the request is overly complex and way out of my usual work.

For further information, please note me.

Let’s be honest. There is not much to say. So let’s write some highlights i guess

  • The only way shit at school was resolved was waiting for that person to retire themselves.
  • Then all the year was spent with me surviving my mother’s abuse. While everything on this household has been crumbling apart.
  • As usual, i have lost more contacts than acquired them. Only three persons i met in 2010 and one that i met last year are still holding up my bullshit.
  • I ended up working on a factory for an appretinceship, where i got overly exploited and failed miserably, needing to quit since i was considered a failure anyway and i was not going to work one more month for them “for free”. Specially given i would not even pass the appretinceship.
  • Frankie was formally deceased and Mephiles was built, and now falling off to pieces because, well, i don’t have the resources to afford shit and i needed a workstation.
  • Regarding art wise. A total of 28 pictures have been created, 2 of which were commissions. and 3 of them have never been finalized. 6 of them were employed on Faux Processing. Total files: 37. For comparision, 2014 had 1 commission, 8 unfinished pictures, 32 completed pictures, total files: 45. Definetly not stellar results. Let’s hope i get a whopping total of three commissions in 2016. ( though unlikely )

This year sucked. heavily. and sadly, this next year that’s coming looks like it’s going to be worse. if i don’t succeed in march i’ll be toast, and i can’t get my ass to apply for any oppositiion or access exam, no matter how much my mother thinks every other human being and their mothers can. I’d probably do if she wasn’t such a... there’s no words to describe her.

Like i said, beyond my main workstation dying, she’s going to tear apart my bedroom because yes, just so she can remove my desktop so she can control me while i sleep. so it is unlikely i’ll be able to do much art in 2016.

Everything just looks hopeless. I can only wish my next yearly review will be more positive.... If i am here to write it, that is...

I love everybody’s attitude of “holding on” and “waiting it out” and how “things get better later down the road”. But i’ve been doing this for 22 years, and nothing. Nothing at all. it looks it will only get better the day i finally bite the dust. I honestly should ponder about accelerating that date.

Happy holidays to those of you who can. Might 2016 be as good, or better than 2015 for you all.

If you want a commission from me at a fixed price, you should really get them now. because i'm moving to a hourly rate basis starting January 1st, 2016

So, there is that.


For those who may have been paying attention, you may have heard me hinting Faux Processing ever since June. I'm glad to announce that the demo is finally out!. You can grab the executable off from Pouet or Demozoo, or you can watch the capture i've linked, though it doesn't make it any justice, let me tell you. I'd love to know what you guys think, this demo is basically the first demo i've directed and designed for the most part, though Tom did provide content for the areas i had not a clear idea for. And, well it's quite a difference from our usual stuff. I hope y'all enjoy it.


Remember how all of you bitched because you kept saying how was it possible that i said i kept getting hate messages while the comment sections were empty? ( this also goes for our beloved pinga girl )
Oh, isn't funny how i warned you about the fakers and you had to comment on that 1 month after you shitted on me? oh lol

Yeah. Here goes some proof of actual people with no fucking lives pestering me outside the journal's comment threads. I guess it is too much effort to stalk properly.

Oh, BTW, i still need that money, and hell, you are always asking me to draw fucking bullshit, which i'll do, but never for free. And always under a paradigm of sanity, of course.

Would anyone of you, or anyone you know, be interested on commissioning me a picture like this for 25€

New Adventures, New PowerUps by ZanaGB

( use this as something of what you'd get in terms of quality, you'd probably get something a bit better, given i'd draw a single character and all that, but hey, i'm aiming low on what you could get to not dissapoint anyone )

With me being enslaved at the factory i don't have enough time to do fancy fancy stuff, so it has to be quick colored stuff. At work i lost my phone and it is nowhere to be seen, and... well,i have about 150USD but i am short for about another 50€ to get the actual replacement ( Plus, i will need to save for a proper SD too :S )

I could really use to get 1 or 2 pieces to work on. So... yeah, if you can or you know someone, please note me with further details on it.
Because my "Core" ends past tomorrow lol.

It's not like i will notice it that much given that i'm stuck on that assembly line until december, but it's kinda :C

Anyhow. hope you have all a good week

I will be brief here

For several days i've been toyed around regarding an appretinceship.
Today, finally, i got my papers, literally 2 days before i need to hand them.
They have my old name on them.
As soon as i got home my father decided to be an asshole and break them, while claiming that i am a spoiled asshole that does not respect anyone

Why? Because i called home to tell what happened, then when i came home i just handed the papers for them to verify what i was saying. His response was to ask once and once again what did they say and to "not mind that" because those papers come from the ministry. Then he broke them after i told him to fucking read them.

For the most part the very important ones were crumbled so .... they can be salvaged. but this is fucking awful.

On top of that, it looks like i will be moving with my mother to my brother's house. so he better find a job to sustain us all or we'll be very fucked. It will also mean a very long goodbye from my part. with all of what that entails. I will supposedly be moving on December, as soon as i am done with the appretinceship. If you guys need something from me before i dissapear, this is more than an ideal time.

I really don't want to get the fuck out of here but i don't want to be with this person either...

This fucking sucks.

Have you been getting notes from this weird/mysterious user and his character creation "experiment" lately?

Does anybody else have gotten anything from this person?

The only person who was on the stream when i drew the numbers was biobasher. Since noone else was on the stream when i drew the numbers, i will draw whoever i feel like drawing.

Good evening.…

I will be drawing the numbers In about 15 minutes, and i'll see if i can get to draw some of the things if i can