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Dragon series parttwo

This is the second part to my dragon series. notice the small little dragon, he was actually the easiest part to make, i just did him, then minimized him. my neighbor still helped me in this part, mainly with the reflections, cause i always made it look flat, thanks Kent :-D

comments please.
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Oh very cool man, great ideas in that piece!
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I do agree about the perspective; I'm a little unsure as to if I'm looking up through the water or down to it. But, I have to say, the pinkish reflection is a horse and as soon as I saw it full view, that was rather apparent. It looks sweet. :) (Smile)
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i like this peice.
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its really interesting to look at :) (Smile)

i like the little red dragon and the plants look very realistic

but the perspective does throw the viewer off, trying to sort things out mentally

what is purpleness in upper right hand section of the image? (i'm sorry, i have a migraine and its hard for me to see with a migraine and the colour does not show up well against the water on my monitor so i can't distinguish it)

overall its neat looking :) (Smile)
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Well to be honest I'm not quite sure what perspective I'm looking at here. Everything seems to be on top of the water but the fish in the lower left looks like we're peering up into the world. The lighting to help integrate your dragon could really use some work...its whats making the scene look flat and unrealistic because he doesn't fit any typ eof the lighting seen in here. Finally...what is that pink reflection in the water in the upper right? Got a bit more work to do here