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Atmosphere - Flood

here's the part two of the 3 part collection. Not as good as the Sandstorm one, because it is much more minimized, and i think i could ahve put some more effort into the background scenery. This took only 4 days to complete. Comments would be great.
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Wow! Truly beautiful work...... all the details are fantastic.
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exellent lineflow, I love it!
farris's avatar
great colors, nice art!
licrydis's avatar
the figure and bubles are wonderful :-O (Eek)
beautiful glittering blue
but i dont like the background, it doesnt fit to the movemnet of the fishgirl
caustic's avatar
This is awsome!! I love the low opacity of her fin!! Great job.
digitx's avatar
LMFAO! Dude, when you left Digit Designs, I didint know we were gonna loose such talent. This clearly shows that you rock dude.. please come back to the Digit Clan!
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I really like this...very pretty...The colors are awesome...I like the way you did the water and the way that the bubbles are everywhere, like she is swimming towards to top and the fins look great too...I get the whole "movement" thing in the pic. Very nice. :) (Smile)
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/*jaw drops to the floor...

digit's avatar
once again man, this is great. when you showed me this when it was halfway done, i told u it was gonan turn out great. the fins are ill dude! awesome job!
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Aw, this is beautiful! I love the fins especially. Bye
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Man, I really like this one. You've got some AWESOME color in here.
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