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visions vi

By zamuz
visions vi
it's here. it took me longer than i thought it would. you'll probably think it's way too small for a pack, and i agree. i just ran out of ideas for now. still, i really hope you enjoy it!

you need winamp 5 to watch this. download and install.

cheers :)
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EDIT: I scrolled through and saw your post, but I still would like just a .zip please :D

Not that I think It's a virus, but it's just simpler to install things manually.
sorry :constipated:
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It looks good, though I would appreciate it without the installer, as my Antivirus marked it as a trojan:

I'm not accusing you of distributing virusses, but could you please redistribte it in .avs format?
Please and Thanks.

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just realised, i never showed LOVE for your packs!
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Anyone else got a virus report? VirusTotal told me that approx. 50% of the scanners report something :(
I'm pretty curious about this vis, but unsure if it's safe.
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The installer is NSIS-based, and unfortunately many antivirus programs return false positives when scanning NSIS installers. Nobody that I know of has had any problems with their antivirus software or with their computers after downloading and installing this (in 3 years!). If that's enough to convince you, go ahead and download!
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Allright, i'll do it =)
Thanks for your information and the DL.
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fricking incredible!
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as i said before elsewhere, this pack will be very hard to top this year, if not by visions 7. the only that didn't fit in imo was fireplant. favourite for light expel and/or tentacles alone.

usually i like to put my hands on other people's presets ("remixing"), but in this case i have no idea what i could do to them.
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Since when you learned to code? :O

Some great progress in this one for you personally i think, more focus on music responsiviness & fps which have been the two biggest problems in your presets before (in my point of view) and im very glad you've evolved. These presets are just jaw dropping in aesthetics and originality and definetly you deserve all the praise!

Detailed review:

Intro's are, that's all. Some people spend a bit too much time on them i think, but you made a beautiful intro with such simple methods you get a thumbsup on it :thumbsup:

Very nice scope action, i could have lived with that alone, but you kicked in a background that's simply beautiful. If i would to find a flaw in this preset it's that the background would be nice if it would fade in all the effects, but i've done the same "mistake" of making it onbeat so... nevermind.

light expel
I should be mad at you for this preset, because it's exact same thing i wanted to do! Awesome work on this one and i can only thank you for making this.

Nice effect work, good colors and shapes, good enough framerate. Well done.

Love how you made different kind of tentacles with the circles and plusses very good idea and the background is just beauty. Also music response is great.

as fake as it gets
Nothing wrong in faking it when you do it this good ;) If it weren't so slow already, the background could use some action. Like making water ripples where it reflects on the bottom, i know corny, but works.

dragon dance
Usually against presets that just render stuff on the screen... But since it's the only one on the pack and awesome at that, i'll let it slide.

I wish i hadn't read pak's comment about the colormapped feeling, i wouldn't have focused on that, but he does have a point (although it's a minor one). In any case this is beautiful work color and effect wise and the particles make beautiful patterns on the top. Music response is a bit hard to keep track off, but i don't care in this case :)

seeing triple (not so tipsy remix)
Can't remember the original one or the first remix either. Good solid work although the white area is a bit too wide in my opinion (it's a choice of style, guess it just doesn't fit mine)

brain fluid
Beautiful flow preset, gotta have one of those in a pack and i agree you on the static movement.

More faking! How dare you! Just kidding, love spectrum presets that have been done with taste, style and skill :clap:

Just astonishing pack, you showed off a lot of skill and determination in this one and im very happy about the progress you've made. Definetly a milestone in AVS history.
Whoa! Instant fav
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Visions 6... by Zamuz...
I think you're the best AVS-ers for this year.
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ah, double commented,
sorry :roll:
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i have to be honest and admit ive anticipated this release for some time now,
spaghetti, emerging, tentacles, dragon dance (cool conception), fireplant, and spotlight are my favourites.
as always, the colours and buffer tricks are mind blowing.
congratulations on the DD and well worthy of a :+fav:
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i have to be honest and admit ive anticipated this release for some time now,
spaghetti, emerging, tentacles, dragon dance (cool conception), fireplant, and spotlight are my favourites.
as always, the colours and buffer tricks are mind blowing.
congratulations on the DD and well worth of a :+fav:
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oooh a new visions pack, another 15 presets that make me want to hug people :D

intro : not bad, but i have an allergic reaction to lens flares, so i dont like it as much as your previous intros
spaghetti : this preset aged well... loved it before, love it now. ( the colors! )
light expel : i dont really like the static background, the coding is excellent tho.
emerging : yessss! i always liked your cycle presets.
tentacles : simply amazing, one of the best presets of the pack.
as fake as it gets : nifty trick, but the preset is a bit filler-ish from you
dragon dance : the first word that popped into my mind when watching this, was capoeira. don't ask. great preset.
fireplant : oh god. i hate you too (the other guy is hboy for his interstellar preset...fuck you thomas :D) amazing preset.
seeing triple : i want to make a sexy time with this preset.
brain fluid : starts out very average looking, then the instant "fuck you gonzalo, why do you make me want to give up AVS" effect comes in. gawr. alt. dynmov is nice too.
spotlight : i see lightology inspired you a bit. nice preset, cool ending to the pack.

so all in all, great pack as usual. could've been bigger, but all the presets are quality. congrats on the DD, this is the kinda pack that can make people AVS fans.
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Hi! Nice to see some great AVS from you again, since so long time...! How are you?
aaaw i wish i got comments like these... guess people dont dare to download my packs... let alone comment them.
Anyways, i definitely gotta download this pack, haven't seen very much of your work cept the community picks, but i like it. Be sure to download my soon-to-be published pack nr 4, made a remix of one of your presets.
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dont beg for comments
lol i said i like what i had seen by Zamuz so far, and that i wished i would get commets like that. that's all.
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New zamuz pack ohmygawd, so let us see..

intro - stylish, the fog n' lens flare combo works well; movement is a little jerky though
spaghetti - soft and smooth (I feel like I've seen this one before)
light expel - love it, giving the expelled particles that curved movement instead of just one direction really works wonders. Background is a nice compliment, colours are appropriate (i.e. damn nice)
emerging - not so keen (I dont really like ring try presets) but still solid
tentacles - love that vector look, the background is possibly a little too busy but its a minor niggle (glow > shadows btw)
as fake as it gets - masking is always an expensive operation in avs, but the result is a nice clean edged preset. FPS is bordering unacceptable though.
dragon dance - an experimental preset but it really works, an untangible eastern quality and a subtle monochrome pallete which fits
fireplant - I wasnt sure about this at first but it has grown on me. My main issue is that it has a strongly colormapped feel.
seeing triple (not so tipsy remix) - stylish but a bit tame
brain fluid - The centre of the preset is overly busy I feel, which is a shame because the movement and effects are really nice.
spotlight - Clearly a pile of hacks but the effect is nice and clean (unlike the frame rate)

Overally - Damn fine pack, the usual awesome colouring skill and this time you have come up with some very nice backgrounds to compliment the subject of the presets; this is always a difficult task (at least I find it is) so kudos on that front. Frame rates seem to be generally higher than previous packs with a couple of exceptions, so that is positive too. And as I have come to expect from you the presets are composed very stylishly, and with a consideration for asthetics and space that is uncharacteristic in AVS.

Keep up the good work, I always look forward to your packs :)
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