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May 12, 2005
Proving code can be art, visions five by =zamuz is bold and unique AVS pack from a young artist with a crisp and fresh style - great visuals for your favourite tracks.
Featured by yathosho
Suggested by zen-x
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visions five

visions five
so here it is, the fifth pack in the series. it's all about eye candy and (hopefully) better music visualization for your eyes. hope you like it.

visit for more!
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Holy shit! another instant fav
palmereap's avatar
oh sorry i donwloaded this a while ago for winamp and for it was a visulation

looking at it now while listening to a song i have to admit its good...a bit iffy at times but good

i dont know how to propaly cnc one since i dont know how there made so sorry
palmereap's avatar
oh yeah i forgot to comment on this

simply great..i like the red tones...and its not cluttered

the text could use some editing .....9.7/10
zamuz's avatar
it seems to me you didn't actually download the deviation :) these are presets for AVS, a winamp-based visualization plugin.
Azaela's avatar
Ohhhhhh puedo creer quetengas diesisiete y seas tan seko!!
sequential's avatar
Cool pack. My favorite is "mechanic feedback". Keep it up!
eychanchan's avatar
I love this! "Engine" and "barcode" are my favorites :DD awesome job! :heart:
Love the colors and it's an awesome design! :)
starfox00's avatar
holy crud! *grabs NSIS* thats going in the AE RadioPak! (if you dont Mind...). :: join us at irc:// #angeleyez
yathosho's avatar
page is down, any chance to grab that radiopak?
Ch1qUi's avatar
noon cycles!! Amazing!!
adox-tnw's avatar
This is EXELENT, I'm a big fan of AVS and believe me... this one just rules. The most amazing preset is Mechanic Feedback
ullic's avatar
this is like the best AVS i have ever seen, that fire thing is my favourite :)
keep up the good work
eb-razer's avatar
Absolutely amazing pack. One of the better I've seen. I love how almost all of your presets could instantly become a wallpaper. It's just that good. I'm gonna fav this, and that says a lot 'cause I usually don't fav things like this. Well done!
lil0's avatar
el cucu, el cucu, el cucumelero!
Foranamo's avatar
Great, clean looking smooth presets, very good! :)
cheese-cube's avatar
Very good pack. Nice to see that AVS isn't dying out.
Chacalxxx's avatar
:wave: HEY EVERYBODY :wave: !!!!!! HAVE TO TRY THIS !!

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 0.6 FLAME CONCEPT ++++++ CITRUS SKIN (moder winamp)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

:headbang: :peace: :D :nirvana: :clap: soooo cooool
daloo3ah's avatar
oh ! soo coloryyyy :D! me like
nemoorange's avatar
In the world of AVS, artists are dropping out like students in a "history of dirt" class. Your work stands as proof to the fact that the artform is not dead. There is a whole world out there to explore, and that's what this pack proves. It's an obvious progression from visions 4 & previous works of yours. I love your color schemes, as I remember lots of your older stuff was washed out with grays and whites. This is just incredible work, and there's no way around it. If anyone wants to give up AVSing, I suggest you look no further than the work of my friend from Chile. Inspiring.
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