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remix collection

as the title says, this a collection of most of my remixes made since 2003, the year i made my first remix if i'm right. don't worry, you'll see some stuff you haven't seen before. visit for more!
© 2006 - 2021 zamuz
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The Mindisko by Yathosho (Murder on the dance floor remix by Zamuz)
It is responcesible in Winamp5.0
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I love present of nemoorange - roll-on-mojo (zamuz's surrounded remix) is wonderful because the DM it was more slow than exclusive of Visbot FOUR that present of nemoorange - roll-on-mojo because the DM was faster just like a Present of NemoOrange - As Soft As Glass
i like, so's hard to explain
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Nice remix
On the Faders <blocked up remix>
Skydiving <mysterious remix>: Wheeeee...!!
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Nice new AVS set...thx! =)
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impressive stuff =) this goes to my favs
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Really lovely, no time for a bigger comment sorry

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I knew quite a lot of these (how could anyone not?) but what gives..

I still stand amazed at how you pull off all these shading effects without major FPS-drops with every new preset I see from you.


Please, keep 'em coming ;)
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Just great! :+favlove:

Several I knew, many I didn't...

My overall blew-me-away-fav was uncluttered elegance < dream away remix > oohhh so slick! :omg:
other favs [if not the whole pack]:
:trout:midnight <girls in the streets remix>,
:trout: metargballs <supersmooth remix> [ahh these backgrounds!],
:trout:living watercolor <liquid fragments re-remix>

and minidisko doesn't seem to work in 172x172 :|

review resolution[s]: 172x172 & 344x344

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> and minidisko doesn't seem to work in 172x172 :|

avs becomes real pleasure once you view it in fullscreen - and i havn't seen squared monitors yet :p
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saaaay, you ever heard about that CPU that has less than a GHz of speed? ;)

[read: I'd rather watch a pack in winowed mode for a first view than 400x200 pixel doubled!]

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That still doesn't give me a reason not to use a 4:3 ratio window.. 334x334=111556 pixels (in total).
384x288=110592 pixels and
388x291=112908 pixels.. that should give about the same framerate, but with a correct aspect ratio.

I never got the benefit of square (or any other non 4:3) windowsizes.
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i literally. have no idea what was just said.
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Yummy :p

I really liked what you did for my metargballs there, note that it will probably never be "properly" released from me, so you got one rare exclusive gem there :D

Also i was pleased to notice that the framerates of your presets/remixes is kicking up, nothing beats that sexy zamuz style at 50-60fps!

A very slick pack, not really a weak one there (or atleast none of the preset stood out horribly), quite a accomplishment i would say! :thumbsup:


oh and congratulations on the DD you will most likely get for this awesome piece of work ;)
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these are unbelievably stylish remix pack....
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you are friggen brilliant. i hope you know that.
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it's always a pleasure, good to have it all in one directory now! :D
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way to many good presets to name.
very stylish and fresh. great way to start my day.
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