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Honestly, I figure this journal post was best suited here because I have been wanting to so bad be vocal about the Nintendo Switch ever since of the reveal that they did online. 

For starters: I-am-fucking-HYPED.

I had decided to skip out on the Wii U when my interest in it had completely drained when I realized very few games were coming out for it. Plus the way the marketing for it was horrible. I disliked it so damn much even though it used blu-ray discs and was able to do backwards compatibility with Wii. Now the Wii on the other hand, I had the pleasure of owning. I would obsessively play the Sonic games on that one, specifically Sonic Colours! It seems for me I always tend to skip a generation when it comes to Nintendo. So with the Nintendo Switch upon us, I'm sure I will be getting it.

The look:
The appeal of the Switch looks incredibly interesting to me, mainly because it seems to be going a backwards approach from the previous two generations. The Wii and the Wii U both had a glowing white to them vs how the Switch seems to have shades of grey and black. To me, that gives me the impression they are trying to do with a modernized, suave appearence to it. That is basically the best way I can put it to be honest. Its definitely appealing to the eye, a certain sense of attractivity due to the docking bay that is the centering piece for the "core" part of the switch. Overall, I can't expect any better. While it doesn't feel "futuristic" in a sense, the appeal is still there. Now mind you, I am speaking mainly about when it is docked and being a home console- not so much as a handheld hybrid. I'll get to that part later. The Docking piece by itself with the tablet screen docked in, doesn't seem to take a lot of space, so there seems to be a bit of minimalism going on- kind of reminds me of the Wii.

The Controllers:
So for the Switch, apparently the controllers are called "Joy-cons". I rather find that a lame name and or at least corny but I understand why they call them that. The controllers themselves can be used in a number of ways! Examples for when its docked, it can be clicked together on the main controlling unit which houses the Joycons together, separately away using one in each hand, when doing multi player you can use just one of the controllers. When you treat ths Switch as a portable device, the joycons slide right on to the sides of the core of the Switch, the tablet. You can also use it so its separate from the core so one controller in each hand ala like holding a Wii-mote or when doing multi player of 2 players each person has a joycon. Within the reveal video, there was shown to be a Pro style controller so I am definitely hyped about that.

When the Joycons are connected to the main housing unit, its a bit on the fat side but it seems to fit comfortably within the hands. Its not shocking like say the Gamecute/N64 controllers so I give props to Nintendo for that. Also t note is the main housing unit has special lights that seem to indicate as to when the joy cons are connected to it and disconnected. I'm not sure if the housing unit charges the joycons or if the joycons themselves are run via batteries. Time will tell on that concept. There is 4 lights on each side, which gives to a total of 8 lights. If the joycons can all be used as individual controllers, does that mean its possible to have 8 players running at once? I'm not sure, maybe that just sounds silly but it could be a possibility. This will more than likely be the main way to play as far as console use go until you have more than one player.

When the Joycons are attached to the core Switch tablet, it can be changed into a traditional handheld portable ala like the Nintendo 3ds. You can take the controllers off the tablet completely to play with just a controller in each hand or with another person each joycon turns into a controller itself. As seen in the video, it has a little piece that pops out of the back of the tablet which props it up! That little piece comes handy when doing local multi-player with a friend or if another person has a Switch, you can do 2 on 2! I honestly feel the portability of the Switch will become so handy and a key feature for it specifically because if what is true about the power behind it, playing it like a handheld will truly feel special. Think about it, yall saw what looks to be Skyrim on there. SKYRIM!? I'm not sure why, but my gut feeling is this will really bring people back together again to truly enjoy gaming together- just like the olden days of the NES and SNES. 

One thing I noticed though right away, where the hell is the D-pad!? For the base joycons it seems there will be no D-pad whatsoever which is honestly a breakaway considering nearly every single Nintendo has featured one. The other set of buttons from what I have come to understand will be treated like C buttons that the N64 used to possess. The Pro edition of the joycon however does sport the D-pad so that is definitely a must buy. 

We all seen it though besides no d-pad, just how rather small the Joycons are. People with rather larger sized hands are going to have a tough time playing due to the button layout. From all I have seen this is generally a minuscule complaint, but it is one that could be worry-some. I'm not the type to play two-player style gaming with people so I am sure I won't have to worry but a good example is folk that play Smash Brothers. Well, if a new Smash Bros game does happen, will people play it with the joycons, or will they connect their pro controllers? Its a good question because I am curious how many controllers can the main core of the Switch connect? I'm truly hoping up to 2 or 4 with different controllers, because if not..well I suspect we shall hear a lot of people piss and moan about cramped fingers. 

Another rumor in relations to the Joycons: Will it have motion controller like the Wii? This is one of those features that has not been confirmed yet. Honestly, I could see Nintendo getting away from said technology due to the changing of the times. The Wii motion control was so much fun, but lets be real here- do we really want it? When on the go turning it into a handheld, do we want to take the controllers off and play it motion based? I think not. If it does possess it, then we have to wonder how the battery charge is for the controllers. Lots to think about honestly.

The Tablet/main core:
Alright, the main screen and body of the Switch, the tablet- the main core. There is tons to talk about this specific item, as this is truly what the Switch is about. The Switch as an entire whole is pretty amazing in my opinion but all the magic happens at the core. A 6.2 inch screen with rumor being touch-screen based. Air-vents on the top due to the power behind it for portable gaming. A Game slot for cartridge based games. A freaking headphone jack! It looks pretty fresh, like as if the 3ds and the Wii-U had a hot sweaty one night stand and 9 months later a beast was born. A lot of people have made the comment that this is what the Wii-U should have been all a long.

So, the screen itself looks really vibrant. While there is no confirmation, the word around the internet is that it will be able to play 720p HD for portable gaming and will be 1080p on home television when it is docked as a console. Lets be real, if you ask me that is pretty badass. The screen size itself is plenty of space for mobile gaming, so that should not be too much of a worry. If it is truly Android based, I am curious if the screen is Super HD AMOLED display like a lot of tablets/smartphones out there. Another rumor flying around is that it will be touched based, but not only that but also have finger gestures too! If that is the truth, then that definitely means Nintendo has made some kind of dealing with Google so that mobile based games can be downloaded and played directly on the Switch. I find that rather interesting because Nintendo knows that mobile gaming for the casual crowd has taken a good chunk away of business so the Switch could sway them back into traditional video gaming. I suspect however that for when you are playing Nintendo games on it, the screen itself will not be touched based due to being a hybrid of Console to Portable. These are all rumors so for now we have to hope and pray. A part of me honestly would not be too bothered if it doesnt become touch-based but it would be a bad move by Nintendo to not have that happen.

On the frame, there is a game slot. In the video it shown a person inserting what looks to be a cartridge similar to a 3DS/Memory card. Yes, Nintendo has decided to switch over to cartridge based games for a number of reasons. One of the main ideas being it provides better piracy protection. Its just a given when it comes to that and I do not blame Nintendo one bit for that matter. But then lets also look over that with cartridges, loading times will be much faster compared to using a disk of some kind. Then add in on how memory cards have changed over the course of the past ten years..there is memory cards already at the 1 Terabyte level! Thats freaking intense!! But the current rumor mill is that the game cartridge will be at the 16 gig base level at launch which I am assuming could easily be upgraded for other various games. 16 gig cartridge "basically" equals to a one-layer blu-ray game. So let that sink in a little. Again, its just the rumor mill and perhaps that is a bit disappointing but at the same time I personally believe its the better move due to the technology of memory cards evolving at such an insane rate. Storage is so much more vs disk based so it will definitely be interesting what the future will show. A reason it is starting out at 16gb is to keep the prices of the physical aspect of the cards cheaper but can be stretched out to 128gb. 

I found it kind of cheeky, it has a headphone jack. Lol, HI APPLE HOW YA DOIN!?

The Interals:
Okay, lets get down to business on one of the main topics of the Nintendo Switch: The power behind it, the internal stuff. Specifically the graphics chip. Now when the Switch reveal was posted, Nvidia immediately did a follow-up post stating a bit of information about the chip within this hybrid beast. According to Nvidia, the Switch will host a customized Tegra processor. From the information that I have read from over dozens of websites, the possibility of it will be the X1 and or X2 Tegra that is . The Nvidia GPU supposedly equals power to that of some of the best Geforce graphics cards in the market today. Thats pretty damn impressive if you ask me. But of course, does that equal to that of the current gen Ps4 or the Xbox juan? Sadly the answer will more than likely be no.  Personally though, I think it is plenty of power for such a hybrid type of device/console. Its a console first and then a hand-held, make no mistake about it. So Nintendo has to try and balance both sides which is why of reaching out to Nvidia.  

There has been reports about the Switch having 4 gigs of ram which so far that is currently a rumor. No specs whatsoever have been released and will not be released until January hits when they have the Nintendo event sometime around the 13th. So 4 gigs of ram is double the power of the Wii U, but the Ps4 and the Xbox 1 have at least double of that! So what does that say about the Switch? Well the obvious is its being "underpowered". Well, you have to think exactly what Nintendos audience is+ what the Switch is intended for. The Switch while underpowered is still an impressive high tech  piece of equipment which is intending to bridge the gap between console to portable- casual gamers to the mobile gamer market. Nintendo is looking towards the future vs what the current gen are doing which to be honest is just a re-hash of shit. Its all how it is used. I for one welcome innovation over stagnant dominance. 

Thoughts overall:
I for one welcome the new addition of the Nintendo linage of gaming consoles. Nintendo constantly thinks of the future. They go for the risk over that of other companies. Sometimes some ideas are fresh and equal success (Wii+3ds) but sometimes it can crash hard into a dumpster (Wii U). This is basically the only post I will have about the Switch because unlike so many gamers out there spamming various articles with immature meme-like quotes, I will remain an optimist about the Switch. I see so much potential with the hardware that I cannot understand how anyone cannot be excited for it! It gives me the same feelings I had with the Nintendo 64. This is definitely the right direction with Nintendo and in faireness, Nintendo can tell all the nay-sayers to fuck off. Gaming is an experience, its for the fun- unlike a lot of the hardcore gaming folk needing the most high tech 4k tvs with home consoles that pretty much pretend to be PCs but in fact are not at all (As someone that owns a Ps4, you hardcore fanatics know its true). 

The gaming community as a whole seems to have this sense of entitlement and overly demanding of Nintendo, screaming for a console war. You ever thought that perhaps Nintendo doesn't want that? They want to carve their own path in the gaming world, and if that doesn't fit your little bubble, then tough. Out of all the articles, the majority of comments is just outright disgusting and it makes me wonder why Nintendo is in the business when there is so much damn negativity. Instead of embracing it in a cautious fashion, you get some nasty commentary. All well, the video total views on youtube for the reveal so far is nearly at 20 million with close to 500k thumbs up and 21k thumbs down. So I think it still remains in the positive.

I can understand about being burnt on the Nintendo Wii U, the enthusiasm just isn't there. The dismal number of games, the dismal number of console units sold. Nintendo definitely screwed the pooch on that. But I am pretty sure that Nintendo as a whole has learned from their mistake, and moving forward to evolve. The Switch isn't a gimmick, its an evolution that furthers gaming. Mark my words, the Switch will make a difference. Sony failed in regard to hybrid like console to portable- but Nintendo can fix that. If it doesn't sell well and third party support drops, sure I will eat crow. I'll take back my words. 

But I am sure as hell confident this will matter and make its mark in gaming history. 
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