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A Collage of BoogeymanGuitar by Zamos A Collage of BoogeymanGuitar by Zamos
So there's this local band, right? They got a new guitarist and then needed new band photos so they came to my mother's photography studio. So this guitar player, Boogie, walks in and BAM! Insta-crush. He's a hot guy in a band. He can get all the attention he wants from any girl he likes. I'm just a fluffy brown chick. I doubt he's even interested. He just appreciates having a fan or something. I'm gonna be creepy over here on devART where no one can see me. How did I get these photos you ask? By being an accomplished internet stalker. Given just the name 'Boogie' and the first names of three of his friends, I was able to find his name, find the bands he's played with in the past, then what years, and then find the band photos of those years and jack pics of him. Remember to be careful of what you put on the internet or creepy people like me will make collages of you.

He's 14 years older than me and looks great without a shirt. I'm cute enough, not the usual kind of girl that interests a rocker, but he was nice to me and hugged me and complimented me and stuff. He could have flirted with my mom (who's closer to his age, thin, and Asian, hot). He stuck around to talk to me instead, though. The two shows I've been able to attend wound up with him taking his shirt off for the last set at my request. He noticeably becomes more energetic/showboats when he realizes that I've shown up. I had a crush on him before I heard him play, but he's freaking awesome. I'm a lucky, lucky lady. Also, his tight pants make his knees look divine. Gosh, I'm weird...
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May 27, 2014
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