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Mando Maker 3



Mando Maker!! Now on DA!

This is version 3!!!!!!!!!

It's just like 2.3.... BUT YOU CAN PICK ANY COLOUR NOW!!


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Would you consider adding Nite Owl helmets, marking and anything else Nite Owl related

Do you know where to find the version 2.3? For me it's kinda hard to put the colors the same and i'm okay with only using a few colors.

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Sorry for the late replay, I had to find it lol

Does three still work?! I prefer it to 5

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It should. Unfortunately flash is being culled out so your browser might not have flash installed in it anymore or you need to set up permissions to allow it to play. Next year it is assumed flash will not work online at all anymore. I am trying to get the features that are in 3 unto 5 before then

Like The lightsabers/darksabers?

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Those most likely will not be added to abide with MMCC guild lines.
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I wish there was a full body maker. I managed to make the perfect design of my original Mando faction, but the main body has different colors from the helmet. ^^;

Edit: Oh, it IS a full body designer. Typical me... >w<;
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You can also try MandoMaker 5 here:

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It's not loading up. The entire page, that is. :/
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try again? maybe I didn't write it right, or server was down at the moment?
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Still not working. :/
When I tried accessing the site itself, it worked, but when I tried accessing production... nope.
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what about the link on the main page's news slide?

How do I save my Mando?
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For now you just have to screen cap it
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Hello, I created one and was wondering if I was able to post my customized Mando?
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Zammap, do I have permission to post my version of the Mando armor for my fanfic, Rebirth of the Revanchist? I will give you a reference if you do.
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Exellent graphics. Only if it was easier to do the colors..
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any chance you could do a nite owl helmet design?
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Say zammap, may I have permission to use a photo program to take the pictures of the Mandalorian characters I make and then post them?
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Alright, thank you
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