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EC - Cadetredshirt


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EC - Cadetredshirt


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Custom Brushes 2 (Only on FireAlpaca and MediBang)

Link to Custom Brushes 1! Custom Brushes (Only on FireAlpaca and MediBang) Brush 10 Brush 11 Brush 12 Brush 13 Brush 14 Brush 15 Brush 16 Brush 17 Brush 18 Brush 19 Brush 20 Brush 21 How to get these brushes 1 - Right click the template of the brush (The picture on top of the gray/black box) 2 - Click "Save Image As" and save it to where ever you want in your files. 3 - Go to Medibang or FireAlpaca 4 - Down where the brushes are, there's a button that says "Add brush (Bitmap)" It looks like this: 5 - Click on "From File" 6 - Open the template that you saved 7 - Customize the brush how ever you want. (You can name it "rain brus

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Do you wanna talk to other people who love ponies? Wanna share a cool new OC you just bought, or show off that commission that just got done? Wanna share memes, chat, and just get to know other people? Join my server! :^D I was thinking it'd be fun to host a server where a bunch of people can get together and just have a good time. Not only that but I'll be able to easily post WIPs and talk with you guys and get to know some people! It doesn't have to be MLP-only and other things can be talked about and shared, but it will probably have MLP heavy content! I should also note that I'm not by any means experienced in hosting a discord server so


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Lil bitties closed

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FREE Ribbon Girl Miku Pagedoll

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FFXIV Chocobo (pre-orders open!)

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Pony Base #17

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XLIII-XLVI Mystery Batch {Set Price} CLOSED

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Commission for zamitri

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G-C: Mayor Lacey NPC Application

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how to credit art on your page neatly

hello!! i see ton of people not crediting peoples art that they have on their profile and it frustrates me, because I can't find the artist either on their page or in their folders! i have a code here i put together on my page that works like this it links you to both the artist and the deviation, and if you hover over it you also see the username. if you dont have a link to the deviation, you can simply link to the artists page instead! i made a code template for you, remove all the * to make it work, i put them there so you can see the code: <*abbr title="made by (insert username here)"><*a href="insert link that redirect you

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Just Edd (Redraw)


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(MLP Adoptables) Dessert Ponies Flatsale (CLOSED)

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