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Grant us, Allah God, a vision of your world as your love would have it:

a world where the weak are protected, and none go hungry or poor;
a world where the riches of creation are shared, and everyone can enjoy them;
a world where different races and cultures live in harmony and mutual respect;
a world where peace is built with justice, and justice is guided by love.

O GOD Allah:

Lead me from death to life,
from falsehood to truth.
Lead me from despair to hope,
from fear to trust.
Lead me from hate to love,
from war to peace.
Let peace fill our heart, our world, our universe.
Peace, peace, peace.


Hello Friends h r u i am fine, I am a friendly person and love to meet new friends to talk about anything but if you belong to SEO and web design then our disucssin will be more interesting lols.

my skype id:    zamirzamir84
Cell:  03136222054

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From My home in Multan: only half hour distant place name Qasim Bela..Two explosions shocked our whole city.  we even listened the sound...4 causalities 10 injured.

Washington Post:…

Boston News:…

i would say those riots are like computer viruses, no one know how many and where are they ...

good thing about computer viruses is that they can be detect by a anti virus.

bad thing is that there is no system by which riots can be detected.
Wish there were a system that type of things could be stopped.
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Today it is a good day for me. Because i have three good news for my site.  &n… is recovered after a long time, Because it was hacked by a stupid ass hole, ...i did work on it for more then 1 month and i am watching the fruit now....i feel proud to say that..

i have a page rank 1 in google ranking
i have an Alexa Rank   1,565,957
In Pakistan its Rank is 12,728 according to Alexa
It received a web award from again. here is the email i received today.…
bad expreince in faisalabad.
Peoples were very clever. even no one laugh without a reason.
i made 28 websites for a company..and they paid for only 10... would never like to go to faisalabad for work....

but i am happy i learnt a bad lesson and would not do anything without a written contract..
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or kuch upcoming projects per kaam ho raha hai...

to all my my good Friends...i hope you interested in making free internet money and you can get it. one of my freind here in multan made up to 600 US $ pervious month. i dont believe it first.. i came to know very hardly this site which he used to make money its just simple account creation and you get the money.
is link ko click kar kay yar phir is ko copy past kar kay kholna...…

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my best net friend from islamabad Awais have tagged me. so i am gona do what tag demand me.haha
...i would share my 3 personal habits ...and some quotes of renounced peoples.

my 3 Habits:

1. I do excersises daily for 5 minutes daily  Because if i dont do them, I feel pain in my body,   I use to do gymnastic 5 years before, So From that time i am doing such hard excersies. Ouch i dont wish to feel pain if i dont do them regularly..

2. I keep waking up till late at night, and dont know why but always get up early in the morning and some time i even say my prayer and then go to sleep again..

3. I always like those peoples who are same from inside and outside, no matter if they are bad or good, But we dont get cheat by them thats why i like them.


The best relationship is one where your love for each other is greater than your need for each other.

There are people who laugh to show their fine teeth; and there are those who cry to show their good hearts.

i think i am gona tag some of my DA freinds..haha.

good bye,

Hi friends..i want again pat on my Shoulder...lols...coz my pakidesigners won a second award… :deviation:  i have applied for the written certificate of my first Web Excellence award 2006 also to artspace 2000 :mwahaha:  . it will cost near about 15 bux to reach me dat party:  certificate.......
wish you all best of luck........;)
Hello my All Friends..I am very happy because my site recieved World Web excellence Award 2005-2006 from Artspace 2000. here is there email they sent…
i wanted to request about something. I am giving a chance to my paki designers fellow to come and write there articles about graphics,photoshop,designing etc...In that way youngster will find alot of help reading such articles.......waiting for your articles..........…
hello to all....
i was away due to...."a reason"...I know most of my friends will be waiting for a good news from me about my wife..whether she could succeseed or not to get me to her...i still have no good news.....I have bad news instead. bad  luck bad faith, bad situation. actually my wife died on 30 June 2005 one and half month before. she died due to her disease. It took me all this time   of one and half month to to do anything again in life. computers, internet, life everything seems a crap. i have nothing to say more, just pray for my heart to heal from this.
Two years passed. And i still Stucked in Pakistan. Guys say something else instead of consoling me that i must be keep smiling. i should waite for a miracle to happen?etc.
Today its 1st of April 2004...Peoples will be playing April Fool in all over the world. And this was the Same day on 1st of April 2003, I seen my wife first time in presence(In Reality,F2F) ...We were talking with eachother from 1999-2000 through net but on 1st april 2003 was the date she was before my eyes in real. i took her to my home where we got married with the will of my Parents & family. And After marrying me she returned back to The States for my paper work done. It has passed one year now, still no positive sign for me. But she is taking a negative Effect of what ever is going on by This Long Separation and Government Probs etc. She is still extremely sick now a days. i dont know if she lives or die because she sent me a horrible letter some days before...It Looks That  Life played April Fool with us both. Here goes her letter to me.

Assalam o Alaikum,

    Hello my darling...I have missed you so damn bad.I got the Mri results today...Honey they are not good not good at all . I wish you all the happiness in the world you know this don't you? I never ment to hurt you ever. You are my heart the very air i breath ..I have missed you so bad my darling more than u will ever know. My heart breaks knowing what I have to tell you. It will take a miracle for me to survive what is going on with me now. Nothing short of one will keep me a live much longer it seems. The swelling on my actually my brain ...the prophyria is attacking my body and my central nervous system and has eaten away the membrane that is around it partially so in truth it is my brain i massage when i rub it ...I guess it is safe to say my love i am dying. or by the time u read this maybe gone ...who knows, The swelling is clear across my head now in just a couple of weeks time. There is no one besides ALLAH that can stop it now. The disease is well and truly taken over seems,  I do not wish you to be sad ...honey be glad ok I am no longer in pain. and have been released from a life that is torture to me. So rejoice and be glad i have moved on to a higher realm I pray. I love you so very much my husband do not forget me but be happy at my release ok.. INSHALLAH you will be happy in life someday and will think of me with fond memories. Brief our moments were together but you will always hold my heart you have no idea how much you were and are loved by me. We will meet again don't worry. And i will always be with u if u remember me with love and kindness. Hold me close in your heart my love and be good to yourself. And Always Remember I loved YOU and Love you always. I had moments of happiness with u that are with me forever in my mind in my heart and soul. I shall find you again . Know always there has not been a day or many minutes i did not think of you even as they told me ..I thought how the hell am i going to tell him..meaning you my love. I will write you some poems and send them here and there are some that I have already written i will send ...I LOVE YOU ZAMIR. KNOW THIS I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. More than you ever knew . Take care of yourself my love and remember I am watching you ...:-) So do not dissappoint me and do well with yourself. Once again you are my heart and soul I shall find you again someday. I love you my husband.
                              Always and Forever
                                    Your Wife
                                              Musarrat Anjum  
        To have to hold to never let go,

        Once so promised, dreams untold

     I Dreamed a dream, of one such a you

      never believing that it would come true,

      Love so precious, with treasures untold

      Misty moon light magic is ours to behold

        Dancing, entwining bodies supine

    the taste of love is sweet, and oh so Devine

                      (Musarrat Anjum)

These were the words...My Beloved told me when she met me after 4 year of chating on internet. She came from USA Just to meet me here In Pakistan. My story looks so strange and unbelievable. But it happens some time. some one fall in love with some one whom she never seen never met in real life. never knew anything about him. but just Like and love....and this is true that a person fall in love with a person. Who lives across countries and across thousands of miles. Excately same happened between me and her. My story is very long to tell...Let me just tell you. The first time excitment i was feeling inside my heart. When i went to meet her First time in real life. I was afraid and hesitated.that May be how she will feel to shake hand or to give a hug. I was exteremely she should also be and of course she was hesitated..But when i seen her I dont know which power made me go forward to hold her in my arms. And Then i never knew when i forgot that fear and hesitation and just hold her in my arms. she cried. she cried so much ...May be more then me. I also cried coz my tears were not in my control on the happiness i was feeling inside my heart...Because some time a person is so happy that...He can,t express his feelings in laugter or smiles and eyes get wet with tears....same was the situation with us both. Now we are living together. I Pray to GOD we live together till our death.
That was my journal entry in a nutshell  Lol!!:hug:  i wanted to share with all you guys and girls on this great community of art and poetry.
sorry for poor english....lolsss
Everybody's Zamir