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rose maiden

ahh too lazy to comment^^
PSCS4 and tablet
4 hours....

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thanks a lot^^
No sweat, No worries
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looks like a spine for a weapon :D i'd so love to watch you work to see how you make your art work look so pretty :)
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thank you^^ well actually i was inspired by prince of persia weapon^^...
i have several timelapse video on my youtube chanell if you want to watch^^. (kinda old though)
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oooo you have a youtube channel :) i'd love to watch :3
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thank you very much^^
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wonderful, well done :D
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Thank you very much^^
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aturan nipple nya udah kliatan si..klo belahannya gitu.^^
btw aku suka cambuknya..
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ohoho anggap aja ini alien. gak ada nipplenya^^ wakakakaka...
padahal segitu udah digeser dikit biar rada nutupin ternyata masih kurang yah...
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design, coloring and texture awesome as always, but there's almost no depth. foreground should be more saturated while background less vivid.
both foreground and background are struggling for attention, making the image too full
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oooooww thanks again for the advice^^
akhir2 ini sering dapet masalah kayak gini^^
kalo gak bgnya lebih tajem ketimbang objeknya, yah warnanya beradu gini...
padahal sih niatnya supaya objek dgn karakter nyatu...
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love this :D
hanya 4 jam? wow
itu patternnya bikin sendiri kah?
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patternnya pake brush biasa kok mainin di bevel and emboss^^
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Pretty character, your new texturing skill produces a remarkable result.
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thank you^^
and thanx to nebezial too for teaching me through his tutorial^^...
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Awesome .__.. That's sword is awesome, the colours are amazing and, 4 hours? realy?
oh man T_T
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thank you very much^^
know your program and let it work for you^^ it will realy speed up your works^^...
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Ekor dirambutnya pakek apa tuh!?

Rambutnya serem bener....
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Maksud gw pedangnya!
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untuk pedang/cambuknya bikin custom brush + bevel and emboss^^
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