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Steam Angel

just want to combine angel and steam punk... it still lacks many stea punk element though^^...
Finally!. another more serious artwork...

PSCS3 and tablet
3 days
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It is a daring attempt to mix it up with styles, keep it up as it looks good.
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I love this ^^
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Good evening

I'm in the process of planning a spot the difference flash game with a steam punk style.
Would you be interested in contributing some artwork towards the game?
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this is fantastic, love the colours, the composition, great work, waw
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thank you very much^^
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MMasterpiece! Very impressive!
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thank you very much^^
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wuih, keren, bro! :clap:
nah, kalo sering2 serius gini bakalan tambah manteb... :D
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ahaha.. ini juga masih banyak kesalahan^^
thank you, bro^^
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wesss steampunk... lagi demen gw ama yg temanya ginian...
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ohoho gw juga lg demen^^ sebenernya wa ada satu lagi gambar yang temanya steampunk tapi blom selesai^^ detail alat2 dan gerigi2nya itu bikin pusing^^
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namanya juga steampunk, banyak roda gerigi lah :D
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Warnanya bagus, tapi idungnya apa gak terlalu gede bwt cwewk tuh!?
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iya nih^^ banyak yang kritik soal idung^^ mungkin wa masih kurang ahli bikin idung dari samping^^
thanks buat koreksinya^^...
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improve terooossss....
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InsyaAllah akan semakin improve^^
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gud gud... you'll never walk alone :salute:
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hoah, mantab b^^d
bule ya... *ga isa gambar bule ORZ* underpainting lagi kan ini:?
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iya underpainting^^
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Hey nice job, I really like the details on the hilt of the sword ^ ^
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