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Emergency Comish/sell folder! (0/5 CLOSED4NOW)

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 28, 2018, 11:35 AM
I hate to ask but i'm accepting donations too, read Update2 below, please, this is very urgent...
(This will be updated as time goes on kind of.)

I'm ONLY taking paypal for these characters. The funds will be going only towards this problem, not commissions or art or anything like that until the whole thing is 100% sorted out. Now, I've not had time to go through and see how much each character costed me exactly in the past to get the designs I have, so if you see your character in here and it's over or under-priced PLEASE do tell me and I will fix it immediately (or as soon as I can if i'm not online.)
I've characters in here i'm still attached to, but this ordeal needs handled and I kinda have to suck it up ;u; ...
SO here's the folder of stuff i'm selling, prices are in the title of each image and I've an Arcanus i'm looking to sell as well!

Here's the folder:

Here's the Arcanus i'm looking to sell for $45  $45 CS ARCANUS by ZambieMaster . Info included for them  Arcanus MYO Registering/Arcanus ownership switch.PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS BEFORE COMMENTING, FAILURE TO READ OR ABIDE BY WHAT'S WRITTEN BELOW WILL GET YOUR ARCANUS IGNORED

This is necessary to add your arcanus to the master list. You cannot trade your MYO Arcanus until it has been registered here.
DO NOT FORGET THE RARITY, RANK, TRAITS AND PROOF (a link to the actual comment, not just the page if you bought an myo slot)
If your account is deactivated, you have 1 month from the time of deactivation to tell us of an account change before the Arcanus is reclaimed and opened up for offers, you are required to show proof of ownership before ownership is transferred to your new account.
DO NOT inquire about Arcanus who are owned by deactivated accounts
do not lie about your rarity or rank, if you don'
 /  #286 by ArcanusEthora (Original image)
Goal: $161/$1600
If this could be shared around it'd be greatly appreciated!

Figure if no one's interested in getting the designs I have, I can always offer commission work! 
Again, only accepting Paypal for these and i'm offering to do these here for this much.
I will draw pretty much anything in terms of feral, humanoid, anthropoid, people, etc and one person can have multiple things so one slot means for one person, not strictly one item.
$2 Icons  I'm not mad i'm fab by ZambieMaster  Heavens little heathen by ZambieMaster  You scared by ZambieMaster
$6 Chibi headshot  Pins and needles by ZambieMaster
$9 500x500 icons Don't feed after midnight by ZambieMaster

$10 pixel fullbody   Lil sleepy by ZambieMaster

Or alternative options are available here:…

Slots (taking three at a time so I don't panic from too much stuff.)
1: CLOSED cazoo6 
2: CLOSED schl4fmuetze
3: CLOSED AlphaWolfXOmega
4: CLOSED TeaDarkA
5:CLOSED Nuwer-Designs
Also check out this Monster-Shop auction that's going on to help out!  (closed!) Bayou Beast by The-Monster-Shop

The reason why we need the money

The reason why is not something I'm taking as a minor issue so this is important and my family has agreed to let me state this reason.
My grandmother is in a wheelchair and disabled, my parents are disabled and so am I, ergo we can't get jobs and even if we could, this town is very discriminative against my father and me and my mom both have mental inabilities that keep us from working (will not explain that further because i'm not comfortable doing so.) Because of those facts, i'm taking these commissions and selling these things to raise as much money as I can because we're facing eviction. We've 20 days or around 20 days, I forget honestly to pay this off. 
Thus far though, my family is incredibly thankful for the help we've received and we're hoping to reach this goal before those 20 days. Thank you for reading and I hope you all have a great day. 

I regrettably have to inform y'all of the past events we've been dealing with.
My grandmother went to court with the landlord (keeping their name anonymous.) Because a mistake when it comes to our billing, it looked as if we were constantly behind on our water/sewage bill, however that's always been a mistake on their end as we've gotten our money at a certain time only and while we pay it every time on time at that, on paper it appears as if we're a month late (that's how it has been for over 12 years, we can not help it.) Because of this is why our landlord wanted to evict us to begin with, however though we sorted that much out, we're waiting still (because of my grandmother being stupid by doing this. Yes she's my grandmother, but this choice she made has royally pissed off everyone in the house, including me) on money from the VA. We're (hopefully) going to get money from them because my grandfather who's passed away never got any income when he was in Vietnam and discharged for medical reasons. We were never/ he was never compensated for such thing so, so many years back. So my grandmother tried to apply for survivor benefits. It is a fact we got a paper from the VA informing us, because we've waited so long, they're going all the way back on my grandfather, however my grandmother decided to stop calling and asking about the money, even though it was kind of blatant we needed and still need it very badly. She was going to wait 3-4 months before even considering calling them about it because "she didn't want to bother them or else they'd ignore her" when that wasn't the damn case at all. So, since we're not going to be getting the money soon enough to pay the $1600, at first the landlord said we can just pay next months rent (aka $300). I was ecstatic because thanks to all of you, we're almost at that goal.
However the bad news comes in here.
Despite all of this, and a guarantee we'll be at least GETTING the money to pay for the whole thing ... the landlord went back to the courthouse about this.
They said to the judge they're not going to wait months possibly for us to come through with payment despite us having all paperwork for the past entirety we've lived here and the papers from the VA stating what it did.

He's still kicking us out...
We have till the ninth of next month to find a new house and get out.
Currently i'm completely stressed out about this. We have four dogs, two cats, and four people in this house including myself. NONE of us can legally get a job because of disabilities we can not help nor can be helped. Our only plan from here is me trying to keep earning money by selling these commissions, my parents selling stuff they own and whether she likes it or not, selling things my grandmother has.

I don't really know what else to add i'm sorry.
Thank you all for your help once again...

So. I've decided to have more slots open for this because I'm already too stressed about the money as it is, I can't get much more stressed by doing art.
I'm going to HAVE to use about $30+ of the money I've earned because my grandmother once again causing worse things to happen to us, decided to use my moms credit card information on an unsecured website for a car tag. In doing so, she without my moms permission used her card and got it overdrawn which will cost $36 dollars PER DAY until it's paid, and we don't get ANY money until the first of next month. So, I'M paying for that before that happens to my moms account and we're well over $500's more screwed than we were before. So, sadly expect to see the 'earned' goal drop some. I'm honestly pissed off and stressed right now.
Have a good one I guess, I don't know what else to say or do.

Whelp thing's have literally only gotten worse. We're all packing tomorrow. We've to hope that the overdraft fee will be sorted out by the bank, because if it's not, we're not gonna have money to move on on the first of the month even to rent a place temporarily, and we'll all be living in our truck with our pets.
My parents might have found a place for us three, not my grandmother after this, but it won't matter if we can't afford it.
Artwork might be late, i'll try to help it but I can't make promises. I'm sorry. I don't feel okay.

The Paypal is If anyone wants to donate anonymously without a feature on DA.

For anyone who simply don't want to buy anything and instead donate, you will be featured here and your art/photography will be featured for any amount donated, so be it a dollar or more if you want.

Here's some of their super nice art and check out their photography too, it's worth it!
I made this for you~ by SoulsofTheDoomed  For AlaskanBlueJay and for Markiplier's stream by SoulsofTheDoomed Flowers at dusk by SoulsofTheDoomed
Is offering to do art for money as well to help out. Her offer is to quote.

"if it'll help any then you can put down that I'm also offering to draw stuff for people, my art isn't the best but I can try to draw almost anything and make customs and etc……… "
Please do check her stuff out as well if you please, she deserves it and the help is also appreciated from me dearly, she's a good friend and half the time isn't treated the best when she clearly deserves it. 

Check out their animated YCH they've got open and some of their artwork cause it's really stylized and pretty neat lookin! I gave them a few faves myself~
Wings YCH by Radarcat  I Think There's a Fault in my Code by Radarcat  Sure by Radarcat
Thank you again so much for the help!





ZambieMaster has started a donation pool!
14,281 / 1,000,000
This is just nice to have in case someone is feeling generous.

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Opinions needed: Should a GoFundMe be set up for my family's situation of desperately needing the money because of the eviction and needs to find a find a new place to move to? 

18 deviants said Yes you should. (Optional: here's some reasons why)
1 deviant said No, you should find an alternative (Optional: Here's some reasons why, or some alternative ideas)


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