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Please check your emails and let me know if I can send out your sailormoon keychains! I sent everyone en email awhile ago but I'm still waiting on your response :) Thank you!
If you've ordered a morrigan and a pegasus sweater from me AND your name is Sarah please contact me!!!
Hey guys! I'm looking for people to help me promote my Halloween pony shirt. I'm running out of time and I need to get enough orders or they won't happen. (please don't suggest kickstarter or anything like it)

Anyway If you have a Tumblr with more than 3,000 followers or an Instagram with over 4,000 followers please apply! I'll let you know and we'll talk it over! Also please link me to your Tumblr/Instagram so I can look it over :) Thank you!
HEY GUYS if you're going to be attending Anime Expo this weekend and can make it over to Anaheim on Saturday PLEASE DO SO AND TAKE FRIENDS! I will be there selling prints and I have 3 pieces in the show! Please support the gallery and people who put together this show! And of course the artists. Everyone worked super hard!

I made a blog post here:… with progress shots of my pieces, what prints and items I'll have available and all the other details you need to know like time and what artists are participating! Please leave me comments on the post! (: I worked really hard on it and everything! SEE YOU THERE IF YOU'RE GOING.
Please come visit me :)

I'll have new prints:
  RyuKo by zambicandy Slumber party by zambicandy Eternal by zambicandy Moonlight destiny by zambicandy(and old too)

A new art book:
  64 page artbook pre order DEADLINE EXTENDED by zambicandy

New charms:
  Horned pegasus charm pre order by zambicandy Eeveelution by zambicandy

A couple of cute lolita skirts (and possibly hair bows) using this print:
  Alpacas and macarons by zambicandy

Also lots of little felt animals and things!
Pompom alpaca by zambicandy

Sailor Moon stuff and MLP:
  Scoutssss by zambicandy acrylic mlp by zambicandy

I'll also have old Halloween stuff available too!
  SALE: Halloween stuff marked down by zambicandy

And as always I'll be offering commissions! I'm thinking of doing watercolor commissions this year so you guys can have something in color! Probably something like this:
  Watercolor commissions by zambicandy

If you want to see in progress shots of stuff I'm making for Fanime you can follow me at these places:

 I'm just posting these things so they can be on my front page:

Storenvy stuff for sale:
New sketchbook by zambicandy  Tote bags by zambicandy Kitties pandas and owls oh my by zambicandy Alicorn acrylic stand by zambicandy Spirit of the wind 2015 by zambicandy Shirayukihime-kamisama kiss-akatsuki no yona by zambicandy Anime expo 2015 merch by zambicandy old school anime bbs by zambicandy glow in the dark 80a charms by zambicandy Steven Universe charms by zambicandy

Tumblr : :star:

Twitter: :star:

Instagram: :star:

Facebook Fanpage:… :star:

laptop trade in help

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 8, 2011, 4:07 PM


I've got something to say!

Have any of you ever done a laptop trade in before? Have you done it using something like Best Buy? I haven't gone in to get a quote… I just know they will do a trade in for cash or for something in their store. But apparently cash takes forever to get to you. I also can't imagine my laptop being worth much. Its like 6 years old and its slow and also huge. But I'm just curious to see what I could get for it. I don't want to sell it through the internet. period.  So yes if you have ever done a trade in please let me know your experience and if you think you got a good deal? Also I live out in the middle of nowhere so I might not have a store you're going to suggest. Just letting you know… And I have no pawn shops near me either :C

Oh and I don't want to use craigslist either.

Also have you ever heard of places doing cintiq trade ins? I love my baby but I just don't use it enough and I'd like to get a Eee slate asus tablet instead.  


Commission status: Send me a note if you're interested in something! But please read everything here first:…

Peeps in need



the prince by mopinks

Extra Info

For information on why I have critique not desired set or why some of my deviations have comments disabled please read my FAQ:…
I am not available for art trades/requests or collaborations

  • Watching: Muppets Christmas Carol
  • Drinking: waters

music suggestions please :D

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 18, 2009, 3:30 AM


I've got something to say!

First:Thank you to everyone that left comments on my last journal! I say a lot when I actually don't mean a lot. bad habit. And secondddd please suggest jpop songs to me :3 (oh wow this turns into a stupid smiley now : )I'll give you examples of what I like and then if possible can you link me to a youtube video? Or if you'd like you could upload songs to your webspace and send them to me via note? I love Mucc,Deadman,The backhorn,malice mizer,some Dir en grey,some Merry and other various rock/anguro kei/metal and BOYS singing but right now I'm wanting more girly musics. Soooooo:

:bulletpink: What I like:

sakura-ikimono gakari…

Every little thing -time goes by…

tsukiko Amano-chou…

anything by Maaya Sakamoto pretty much. Although her last 2 albums bored me to tears.

I preferably don't like songs that have an r&b sound to them. (like a lot of hikaru utada songs) I just don't like it.

And I love jazz but not r&b jazz like Mika nakashima D: I like shiina ringo jazz!

I love love music like anything from this album:

And karuki zamen is my FAVORITE shiina ringo album. this person has most songs:… auhghg they're all SO good.

I like the songs off of whatever takako uehara album this is on:…

but I don't like speed D8

I actually DO like some Namie amuro songs. But her old stuff like with the super monkeys. Its ridiculous and its definitely a guilty pleasure.……

omg this song lol:…


and this xD…


Hiroko Hirosue doesn't have that great a voice but I still find her music happy and enjoyable.…

:bulletpink: What I don't like:

I don't like ayumi hamasakis voice. The only song I like from her is trust. apparently no one has the version I have on youtube?

I don't like Boa's voice either Or her music :<

Not a fan of Koda Kumis music either

So yes please suggest jpops to me :3 (ew this face offends me)

:star:pop: yes

:star:disco: yes

:star:jazz: yes

:skull:r&b: no : (



Commission status: Send me a note if you're interested in something! But please read everything here first:…

Peeps in need



the prince by mopinks

Extra Info

For information on why I have critique not desired set or why some of my deviations have comments disabled please read my FAQ:…
I am not available for art trades/requests or collaborations

  • Listening to: Yuu Nakashima
  • Playing: Mario World
  • Drinking: waters
  • Listening to: Butterflies and Hurricanes

MSN and PSP groups are not allowed to use my art for anything. I'm sorry.

Can I use your drawings to make my website, myspace or blog layout?
No. I'm sorry.

How about using them as background images?
Yes thats fine but you MUST link back to my DA page and say I'm the one that made the images.

Can I trace your drawings?
no! you may however use them for referencing poses. As long as you learn from it and don't use it as a crutch. I don't want to see your whole gallery filled with poses I've made. You also MUST credit me and link back to the picture you referenced from. If I don't have it posted on deviant then you may not use it.

May I alter your work in any way? (add glitter, crop or resize them)

Can I use your art for my desktop wallpaper?
Yes you may.

Can I alter it then?
If you must. But do not post online please.

Can I post your art on 4chan or anywhere else online?
Please always link back to my page if you do!

For paper I mainly use mechanical pencil and tria and copic markers. Use google for any info on those. If I use any other type of media I will say so in my descriptions.

I use Manga Studio 5 now. I used to use Open canvas and Paint tool Sai. I usually said in my description what I used~

I work with a wacom intuos tablet and a cintiq.


Where do you get "___" made?
Please don't ask me where I get my merchandise made! 

Do you do trades:
No time!

Do you do Requests:
No time!

Do you do Collaborations:
I might 83 but usually only with close friends.

Can you teach me how to draw?
Not really. I'm terrible at explaining haha
Why do you have critique discouraged set? (Or used to anyway)
Don't worry about me :) I'm getting by fine the way things are. And If having this set bothers you just find another gallery to share your wisdom with. Please respect my wishes and I'll respect yours. Having this set does not mean I don't want to improve. It also doesn't mean I'm not always trying. I need my space to improve as an artist and wish to improve at my own pace and with my own choices.

Why do you disable your comments!?
It really helps with managing my time. 

Will you critique my stuff?:
I just don't have the time!! Sorry :(

Why aren't you responding to my notes!?:
Probably because I forgot! Please don't send multiple notes tho! I do eventually reply to all notes except when its a to ask me where I get stuff made. (please don't ask me where I get stuff made)

:star:ABOUT MY ART:star:
Do you draw adult stuff?:
Sure do :] Ill even do it for a commission!

Did you go to College?:

Did you ever take art classes?:
Just in highschool

Do you ever use reference for your drawings?
I don't but I really should lol

When did you start drawing?:
at the tiny age

Whats your favorite media?:

Are you open for Commissions?:
Usually! Just read this first: Commission form 

:star:ABOUT ME:star:
How old are you?
I'm growing older every day....

Can we talk on an instant messenger?
I barely have time for the friends I do have sorry but nooo

Can we be friends?
If I want to be your friend I'll probably approach you first. If I don't I'd appreciate you'd respect my space :) That doesn't mean I don't want you to talk to me. You can have conversations with me on twitter and I usually respond to comments. But please don't be pushy. 

Don't mind the hidden comments below! I hid them to organize basically....

portfolio and help .__.

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 2, 2007, 1:03 PM
  • Listening to: Dir en grey Ryoujoku no ame

Thank you blackswordsman28 vermilion-0 for keeping me subcribed!!!! :love: and my icon was made by horribletak

Can someone give me an example of what to show off as a portfolio to a company. Like someones website or something. Like whats concidered good to show people. Like obviously what you can do and all the different styles you can do would be included. But I just want the basic idea and examples, maybe some of you can show me what you showed to people. what you used in your portfolio? Anyhow thanks!

Commission progress
(Are done in order when paid for)
Tkay: Paid working on lineart.
Madeline-marie: waiting on payment??????

Zammie features

Mature Content

Momorodent Dressup Doll -v2- by mopinks
:thumb44809818: Poinsettias by pi-e nekoi and kitsune for ZAMMIE by magicalt

:icongirls-girls-girls: Zambi/Team artist.
:iconufofan: Zambi/Founder
:iconumicorms: I like corm

Before you consider commissioning me please read everything below:

I am not cheap! This is how I make my living and feed myself and my family. My time and skills are valuable (Keep in mind that my work STARTS at 10 dollars an hour) Please do not pay artists less than minimum wage. Please don't undervalue artists. My prices range anywhere from $20 to $120 dollars. If this is something you can't afford I would suggest saving up if you really want art from an artist you admire.

I will not discuss commissions via messenger (AIM/MSN etc)

Please to not check in with me every single day or every other day. (Even if you see me updating somewhere) I will get back to you as soon as I can :) Your commission will take longer if you keep asking me how your commission is going. I usually take a few weeks to get a commission done (Unless we're going back and forth a lot) The longest I'll take is a month but that is VERY rare.

1.Fill out the form in its entirety.
2.Send me a note with the form filled out.
3.I will tell you if I can do your commission or not and give you a quote 
4.If I accept: I will tell you where to send payment to and once I have received your payment I will start working on your sketch. I require payment in FULL UPFRONT
5. I only accept payment through Paypal

While your commission is in progress, you will only see WIP's for sketches. Once you approve the sketch I will not make anymore changes. Period. So please be sure the sketch is what you want. It is very hard for me to change things in the inking process so this is why I need you to make sure you like what you see in the sketch process before I can continue! I will however change mistakes "I" have made like if I forget to include something you've mentioned right off the bat. I can easily switch out colors so that can also be changed.

:star:Commission form:star:

*note that I don't do backgrounds except for flowers and items like chairs, couches, curtains, the ocean (the water and sky only) Those will cost extra depending on what you want done. You can always ask if you're not sure!

I don't offer a discount for more than one character because its actually harder for me to draw 2 characters in one image.

Here are samples of what your commission could look like:

Mature Content

Samples by zambicandy

Please check mark what you're interested in getting: (This form is for digital art. If you're interested in getting traditional work like watercolors or markers please let me know beforehand) 

Full body
[] Flat colors
[] Cel shading
[] Flat colors
[] Cel shading
Waist up
[] Flat colors
[] Cel shading
[] Flat colors
[] Cel shading

Examples of commissions I've done:…

How many characters?

Are they in the same picture?
[] Yes
[] No

Please try not to give me TOO much info.  Keep your descriptions short as possible so I can read through them easily! (for example instead of saying "light golden eyes that glow like the moon" Just say "yellow gold"

Body type: (Example) large breasts/really short and petite etc.
Hair color:
Eye color:
Clothes: (Let me know if you want me to design them) If not I absolutely need a reference picture. Please include anything you have including other pictures people have done for you. If not look for outfits on google and link me to what type of shirt you want matched up with what kind of bottom etc.
Pose: Please explain what your character is doing (If more than 1 character explain how they are interacting) If the pose you want is too hard to describe provide me with image references to images you've seen online with something similar to what you want.

Thanks everyone :D


Journal Entry: Fri Feb 2, 2007, 9:24 PM
  • Listening to: The backhorn Pink soda
My layout is from I do NOT like this journal better than my other one, Im just testing things.

I just thought this was so awesome. But most of you are lazy and wont read it .__. *cry*

So like I have to order toner at work right. And I have a TECH guy or something help me with ordering even though I really dont need it because I can order it myslef off the website. BUT THE WEBSITE IS FUCKING HORRIBLE OHGOD HOW DO PEOPLE GET PAID TO MAKE SHIT LIKE THAT AUGH. anyway. He used to call me seriously every couple of weeks to tell me about HOW I COULD GET FREE STARBUCKS if I ordered etc baklhblahablh. And I always said yea guy no. Because I have a lot in stock. Like seriously. I had no fucking clue why we had so many on stock. Like the last guy before me who ordered went on some super ordering spree.

So anyway I got really tired of talking to him on the phone every couple of weeks just to hear him talk about his weekend...and me telling him "no we fucking dont need any toner yet" So I was getting really irritated because he just wasnt getting the point that WE HAD TOO MANY and its NOT GOING ANYWHERE so PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE STOP CALLING OH MY GOD. SO I sent him an e-mail asking if he could just send me e-mails from then on so I didnt have to hear his stupid voice. And he sent me a reply with OH IM SORRY DID I OFFEND YOU?

I wanted to murder him. so bad.

So I said no Im just really busy and it would be better if you just e-mailed me. Thanks! But in a nicer way : because its my job to be friendly to dicks.

anyhoo. Maybe a month later GUESS WHO I GOT A CALL FROM.

MY BEST FRIEND!!!!! yes!

So I just got so annoyed I blew up my work. with fire.

And then a couple weeks went by and I told the receptionists to tell me when he was calling and to just transfer him to my voicemail. So for awhile I was like cool. Dont have to talk to that asshole!

But then I had a problem ordering stuff online so I sent him an e-mail.

Me:Hey, I ordered some toners last week but didnt recieve them yesterday, so I'm wondering if they're supposed to come in sometime today?

Him: There was a delay on our QH-4300's, it will arrive today .The other 4 cartridges should be there already, do I need to track them as well?

Me:They havent come yet either! So yea I think so.

Then he tried to call me. But you know I have my calls screened lol. So the receptionist told him I was at lunch.

Me:Hi! sorry I missed your call, I called you back earlier but you might have been away from your desk or on the phone. Did you need me for something?

Him:yes, ring

WHAT THE FUCKING HELL IS THAT? He didnt say YES I would have liked to actually talk to you! or YES you could have picked up your damn phone!! But NO it was a simple YES RING. WTF IS THAT SHIT. LOL

Then like 10 minutes later he sent me another e-mail

Him:I wanted to tell you in person, but your receptionist demands I walk through a metal detector before allowing me to talk to you. The credit card info you provided on our web site was invalid. Since we have a good business history, we released the order on a Net 30. This means that your card hasn't been charged yet & all you'll have to do is call "some chick" at 800-Imanass ext fuck with your card info to pay. And all will be well.
Hopefully this letter finds you with both deliveries made.

Have a great day

HAHAHA OH GOD METAL DETECTOR!! I was ROFL-ing out the door!!! OH MY GOD!

So a couple times after that he tried calling and I "wasnt there lol" but he still would send me a friendly little e-mail. The SAME e-mail.

Him:Hello Erica, You have been tough to get a hold of lately. I'm sure you have been very busy with work and haven't had the time to order your printer supplies so I thought I would just drop you a line to make it a little easier on you. (That's my job, to make this part easier on you) Just reply to this email with your order and I will have it processed and out to you today.

Take care and do me a favor, don't work so hard. Have a great day!

Thats his job. OHGOD. Why do you like to torment me so? Yea and its MY job to how how much toner we have in stock. Dumbfuck.

So I sent my lovely friend an e-mail

We're good on toner, thank you for checking in! I have a good supply. Its the same supply I talked to you about before when you first called months and months ago. (seriously Da peeps it was a year) The toner doesnt seem to go anywhere in this office because people dont use their printers as much as they do the copiers. (those toners are supplied by someone else) Thats why I havent ordered any in a long time. And I dont know when I will have to order anymore because I have 6 1400s and they dont go anywhere. I have 4 4100s and they dont go anywhere. And the same goes for the rest. I have stocks of every number I need and I dont know when I will ever run out of them because they seem to never leave my area. And I cant take any specials you have on toners because we are limited in space. So the only time I can order more is when we actually need them. So I just wanted to let you know.

and he replied with oh! thanks for letting me know etc, I had no idea you were so stocked! (LOL) I'll leave you alone for awhile! (LOL)

Weeks later....

So today I was at work trying to actually order some toners from the website and I noticed the billing and shipping info was addressed to someone that didnt work with us anymore so I tried updating the info but the site wouldnt let me. So I sent my friend a friendly e-mail.

Me:Hi! can you please do me a favor etc....

The person now in charge of billing is "so and so" And the shipping would be me.

If you could make these changes whenever you get a chance I'd greatly appreciate it! Thank you.

I swear to god you guys not a second later I hear my phone ring. And its an outside call. SO I PICKED IT UP AND CALLED THE RECEPTIONIST! And said HI WHO ARE YOU TRANSFERING TO ME OMG!!!!! And she was all Oh its that guy you dont like DONT PICK IT Up!!! AGOUHOUDDHJH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So you know I didnt answer his call >__> But he went back to the receptionist and asked to speak to me again and she told him I was out to lunch and he was all yea I know shes out to lunch but I need to speak with her. DUH. So she said "I can tranfer you to her voicemail!" and he said "no thats ok" and hung up.

So he replyed to my e-mail and said "Done, did you place an order on our website?"

and I told him not yet because I needed to speak to my supervisor first.


But this time he actually left me a message on my voicemail.

AND HERES WHAT HE SAID. THIS IS MY FAVORITE PART!!!!!!!!!! (this is word for word btw)

Him:Erica!! Its stupidface from dumbfucks! I didnt know you'd RATHER place an order online than speak to me and have you BRIGHTEN my day like I brighten yours! I'm almost hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But thats ok, If you like the cold callous feedback of a website and NO OFFERS of any free goodies than go ahead and use the online website and place the order! I WELCOME THAT ORDER! But if you would like to CUSTOMIZE and have a little HUMAN TOUCH then give me a call!!I have about 15 minutes left from work!


and if you're still here...

Thats my fun story. :) please share with me your horror stories!   

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:heart: My characters! :heart:
:heart: My commission prices! :heart:
:heart: Mopinks commission prices! :heart:
:heart: Tutorial on cell shading! :heart:

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(Are done in order when paid for)
Tkay: Paid working on lineart.
Madeline-marie: waiting on payment??????


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Studio Cutecake
Peach Kingdom
Horrible Studios


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Mature Content

Momorodent Dressup Doll -v2- by mopinks
:thumb44809818: Poinsettias by pi-e


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:icongirls-girls-girls: Zambi/Team artist.
:iconufofan: Zambi/Founder
:iconumicorms: I like corm

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The end. Get it? LAWL.