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Rio de la Polonia and The Holy Polonian Empire

Created for the MotF#159

The Holy Polonian Empire at its zenith, before the great Qaraqyr Invasion.


A loose confederation of princely, ecumenical, and republican states refer to themselves as the "Holy Polonian Empire". This multi-ethnic union came to be after the crowning of Sublime King Dmitrius V of the Husberger Crown; fashioned after the ancient Polonian Empire which used to control much of the region nearly 400 years prior to his reign. The empire could barely be called so, due to it's extreme lack of centralization and unity. Internal strife reached a boiling point when the Husberger Crown and Prussenian Kingdom went to war for nearly 124 years: this period is referred to as "The Alkans War" due to it primarily taking place in the southern Alkan region of the empire. Hegemony over the empire was finally accomplished by the Prussenian Kingdom when King Vikhart "God Given" von Retelszted crushed the Husberger army at Podgrobie (Podgrobzig). This victory lead to a 200 year peace in the empire.

Now on the eve of the new year comes a great threat for the East: The Caesardom of Qaraqyr. Styling itself as the "true polonian empire's successor" after having ransacked what remained of the Eastern Polonian Empire. Now comes the greatest horde the Holy Polonian Empire has ever seen; well organized, well trained, and well equipped.
The loosely held together Polonian Empire's Impirator Anglred tried in vain to raise an army to crush the invaders. His retinue would be surrounded and slaughtered at the battle of Lizthelm, near the Imperial Capital. The success of the Qaraqyr would be attributed to their technological advancement in gunpowder weapons and siege tactics.

The Caesardom of Qaraqyr would rule over much of the Holy Polonian Empire until it's decadent downfall nearly 150 years later.


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wait. is this the Rio Grande do Sul? Argentina? Polonian, as in Poland. Poland in Argentina???