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Europe 1914: Prelude to The Great War

By zalezsky
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Commissioned by The Great War online video series.

European theatre

This map is NOT the original one that I sent to The Great War, for them I created it in their colour scheme with their typeface and other aesthetics that they requested. This version is one I re-did in my own style.
If you would like to see the full 8,000 x 7,000 pixel version please donate and become a Patreon all of my full sized and original files are on there for donators 
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You’re the one who sent that beautiful map to the Great War? It was awesome!
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Yes and thank you :) I have made many more for them ,feel free to look at my folders in my gallery to see more
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Did you do like updated versions of this map? Like the 1918 annexations by Romania, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria & the Ottoman Empire?
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That map... :p
Great job dude, as usual!
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Verry Beautiful, i like the colour pick up. The mountains in europe must be hell to cartograph ^^
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It was indeed a nightmare, though I will say the worst was Morocco, Anatolia and Norway
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Donetsk? Its name before 1924 is Yuzovka
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What a beautiful style! :heart:
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A masterpiece, fantastic Danzig! **
I also love such details like the little cannon icons^^
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thanks! :) I appreciate it
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