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Well, I'm back again... after MORE weeks... guess I am more productive when I do it in spurts. Have been shooting and editing like crazy and had to throw a few up... there are TONS more so I'm just doing what I have time for.

I was lucky enough to hit the foliage on the perfect day and got some amazing shots in my favorite places back home. It's wonderful to get out and shoot nature again and play with my new toys!

Well Enjoy and hope to post lots more soon. The website is coming along slowly as I'm in a production phase at the moment and when that dies down, I'll get to the site.
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I KNOW im super late on my comment, but i just got into poking around, but that boy running out of ladies is like him running out of air;)
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Oh man, I leave you when your taking pics of hot naked girls, and when I come back your taking pics of trees... I guess you must have run out of ladies. heh. Wouldnt surprise me. Hows it going man?