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The Living Dead Girl

By zaleone
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My friend heather was electrocuted when she was little. When she was revived, she has no memory prior to that day and seemed like a totally different person. She was also not alergic to certain things anymore but was to others she has not been.... So we call her the Living Dead Girl.

I tried IR on skin for the first time. The veins are pretty creepy but quite cool at the same time.
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7 mm
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May 9, 2004, 6:56:38 PM
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this is amazing

great work... the atmosphere is perfect!
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she kinda blends into the environment...
wonderful colour
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well, this wasn't one of my faves exactly; i'm more fond of the fetish/pinup poses i put up on my own site. but i guess anyone calling themselves the living dead girl has to look the part occasionally, right? you captured that creepy zombie/undead feeling very well... i am definitely happy with all your work; thanks for making me look so good! (and to all the viewers, yes i was electrocuted at age 5 at a carnival; i changed completely everyone says. my hair color, my eye color, my skin-i'm unable to tan and dead white year round- and my personality too. i believe i am a different soul in this body; i changed it and made it mine.) sorry i ramble!
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nice dev.....well done!
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Thanks. Turned out just as creepy as I was hoping and it started out creepy before I even edited it a bit. I just wanted to enhance the feeling and make it seem a little like a ghost..
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it has a real nice "mummy/ghost" feel to it've managed to do what you wanted to potray!
hope to be seeing more stuff soon!

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With the light, she seems to be in the water...

Beautiful shot!
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it's a very nice shot, and the story intrigues me. i've never known anyone who anything like that has ever happened to.
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love the shot, especially when combined with the story behind have such a way with the camera, i envy you greatly
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Beautiful work :)

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The image is completely beautiful . I absolutely love it but I think the border takes away from it..
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ever here about souls that were ready to leave this plain but the bodies weren't so another soul takes its place.

that's what happened IMHO
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man I can't spell lately meant to say *plane*
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I totaly relate to that... i was in a coma when i was 10, changed me, don't remember life before that point.

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amazing.. I wonder how many people that has actually happened to.
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It's a small number... i don't knwo anyone else, though my doctor said it's happened enough in the course of medical history to make a label for itself... my coma was caused by emotional and mental trauma as a child. I don't know about your friend, but for me, i have to live with the ghosts of my past, and the various side effects, like panic attacks.

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Geezz mike, coma - what happened?

I do like the manip but feel for the poor girls therapy bill knowing the world will say - "Dude, there goes that living dead chic again" lololol
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Ever heard of PTSD? (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Being adopted made me lose a sense of concrete foundation as a child, fearing being alone can distroy a childs mind, specialy when you're told you don't belong anywhere. It's a form of abuse, and is illigial in adoption, however some kids slip between the cracks... i was one of those kids.

rest is personal...

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wow... stunning work :thumbsup:
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