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Cape Town Circa 1988

Re-Upped by request. Its Cape Town Harbour as you enter the harbour - if you mean what I know :) Camera : Large Format Mayima RB67 - Exposure : long :) AND before anyone asks - no - the color has not been manipulated. The green is due to the lights. The shape in the background is Table Mountain. I had to scan this from a poster ( you may be able to see the join lines ) because I could not scan the slide in my primitive scanner. Anyway, a poster run was done and the poster was sold at Cardies and it was on a calender :) My 15 Mins of fame :)
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Geneem in die dae wat dit nog kennis en ondervinding geneem het om sulke fotos te neem. Nou kan enige aap met 'n DSLR en internet toegang dit doen :(
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Ja Swaer, dinge is darem maar vreeslik maklik met die nuwe toerusting van vandag. Eks bly ek het deur al die formats gewerk ( 4x5 Sinar ) ( 6 x7 Mayima ) en 35 mm. (Canon en Nikon ) . Meeste van die nuwe garde weet nie eers wat 'n f-stop is nie :) lol.
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haha ja. Ek is deur 645 en 617. Gaan nou hasselblad 500 try!
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Jy sal nie spyt wees nie . Lekker Kamera.Het altyd my vriend se CM500 geleen.
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This is so pretty!
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Hello, this deviation has been featured here: [link]
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Wat kan ek se?:-)

Ah,nou weet ek.
Dis 'n baie goeie foto.
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Gosh.. the background looks kind of eerie.. but sooooooooo cool! what a fantastic shot my friend! hope you get more 15 minutes.. say.. years instead! :hug:
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Thank you my friend !
Dont know if I could handle 15 years ;P
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Of course you could .. you are young~!~ are you not? :cuddle:
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Young in spirit yes ! :)
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now you have me intrigued! .. haha
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I am older than the man in Genesis 5:27 :)
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Methuselah is your family huh?
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Yup, he is my Son :)
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I like this picture :)
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Wow Awesome Shot Of Ct
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A very beautiful 15 minutes of fame I might add. Great capture.
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