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Tales of the Otherfolk - Nubeculatus Personae III

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The Bogeyman is a skilled shapeshifting bogle who takes on ghastly forms to terrify his victims. He tends to frighten kids into good behaviour and kidnap naughty ones which he imprisons in his nightmare sack. The Bogeyman is the patron lord of all monsters and bogeymen. During the Queenless Era after the otherworld wars, he was made de facto regent by the Unseelie Court and oversaw the paying of the tithe to hell.

Mephistopheles, or Mephisto for short, is a cold-hearted and witty demon denizen of hell. He is a representative of Lucifer who can be summoned by magic to make Faustian bargains. This fallen angel oversees all infernal deals and contracts, as well as collecting souls that has been sold to the devil. He comes to collect the tithe to Hell from Faerie every seven years.
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Can't wait to see how the sitting regent reacts to the new queen!