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Queenie and the Inflatanomicon

By Zal-Cryptid
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Prelude for Queenie's transformation in gnome-oo's OC-tober event I commissioned.
Unleash the Power of the Inflatanomicon! by gnome-oo

If you like transformation fetish art, go check them out. Gnome-oo is a very talented artist and they deserve all the love.
You can go read my webcomic featuring Queenie here:…

the Inflatanomicon belongs to Jouzah
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Magic Library Books are always so horny...

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How they'd answer the book of they stayed consistently careful: "If by that you mean, help me use MY own powers, than yes, I would like to see some magic." How they'll most likely answer that question since this is a tf comic: "Yes!"

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Zal-CryptidHobbyist General Artist

Queenie careful? You give them too much credit. Especially this early in their career.

But give them enough time, they'll be the one transforming others.

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I got the impression they've been pretty careful so far, not their fault their wallet fell out of their POCKETLESS dress.