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Faerie and her neighbouring realms

By Zal-Cryptid
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While the otherfolk (people of the Otherworld) don't share the same concept of borders as humans do (their realms are often amorphous and separated by nothing more than gradual transitions), here's a rough map of locations in and around Faerie. Any resemblance to real-world locations is purely coincidental. Prior to the Otherworld Wars, the rule of the Faerie Queen reached as far east as the fringes of the Asura Realm and as far west as Great Ireland. Expansion north and south was held at bay by the Holly King of the frozen ruins of Hyperborea and the Seven Jinn Kings of Jinnistan. 

You'll see many of these realms explored further in upcoming chatpers of my webcomic.

You can read my webcomic Tales of the Otherfolk here:…
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So I take it that the fact the Germanic otherfolk are occupying the area's around Mount Olympus means that any Greek/Roman deities or mythical creatures of great power are dead and gone (if they aren't currently in Amazonia or Atlantis)?

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Zal-CryptidHobbyist General Artist

The mythical creatures of ancient Greece and Rome still exist and thrive (except for the monsters killed by the heroes of old). The Olympian gods technically don't dwell here in the Otherworld, but rather up in their own abode in the Heavens.

Things that are not of Olympus or the Underworld, that can't be found anywhere in the real world, reside here (Atlantis and Amazonia for example).

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Thanks for the clarification, I assumed it was some sort of power-vacuum but that makes much more sense.