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RoboCop Rainmeter Skin

Last Update : 25/03/2014 version 1.1.25032014.

This is RoboCop Rainmeter Skin. A very simple skin with opening animation. An animated theme for windows.

:bulletblue: How to install :
- Download the latest version of rainmeter at
- Download this rmskin, then install.
- Choose between two screen choices.

Included in this skin :
:bulletyellow: Simple current Time, Date Information.
:bulletyellow: CPU, RAM, SWAP Information.
:bulletyellow: Net In and Net Out.
:bulletyellow: Some Shortcuts. Can be edited at variable section, just change NamePath and LinkPath of each.
:bulletyellow: Power buttons (Lock, Log Off, Restart, Shutdown) with confirm. And there's also Refresh Button. :-)
:bulletyellow: Animated target that moves random on screen.
:bulletyellow: A simple player that shows track information of various player. You can edit the player you want at

:bulletgreen: This skin has animated opening.
:bulletgreen: It has two choices : 1366x768 and 1920x1080 screen resolution.
:bulletgreen: The color appearance can be changed at the variable section of config file.

The wallpaper I got from…
I use Teach Brush Set V2 by Nickmeister to make some images.
Thank you!
The rest of images I created by myself or searched from internet. So if I use yours or somebody's work please let me know, so I can list credit.

Hope you like it! If there's something wrong, please kindly tell me. Fav or comment if you download, so I know how you love it. Hey, it's free to comment here. :-)

:bulletgreen: APPEARANCE : - VIDEO1 - - VIDEO2 -
:bulletgreen: MORE SCREENSHOTS :…

:bulletred: Update 19/02/2014 :
- Add a simple player that shows track information of various player. You can edit the player you want at

:bulletred: Update 19/02/2014 :
- Fix small bug at the Player.

:bulletred: Update 25/03/2014 :
- Change some codes.

I'm just ordinary guy who want to share something - ZakycooL
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where is rms skin?


Super doopper amazing
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This is freaking amazing!!!! tested on a 1024 x 600 but sadly it doesnt fit... I guess you need to resize all the resources and edit the inis if you want to adjust to a custom resolution but im totally useless. Please can you give us basic instructions in order to adjust this theme to custom resolutions?
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The download link do not work?
This is amazing !!!
in fact i dont use this skin, but i think your works are marvelous! i'm currently using yosemite skin from rabra, but i'm not like it as much as i like yours, so.. just keep it up, maybe someday you would also make os x skin just like rabra did :D by the way, are u living in Indonesia? palembang hah? :D
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Thank you. Glad you like my skin. :-)
Yes, I live in Palembang, Indonesia.
use your brain...!!! look at around, you be found download and downlad rainmeter
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Holy Shit!   ..This is pretty fucking BAD-ASS! Nice JOB!
please teach me how to make this?? :) im a new user and this is my first time here..
i really love this! but i dont know how to make this.. :(
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Hi. Thank you kindly for the fantastic skin - I just got Rainmeter to try and make a "cyberpunk" style desktop, and your skin was exactly what I was looking for! I am hoping you could help with 2 questions - unfortunately I am not a programmer per se (but a quick learner) and can't find the right tags and values to edit in your .ini file to achieve what I want. My screen resolution is 1920x1200, so the first issue is that your skin is currently centered and I would like to have it at the bottom of the desktop, just above the taskbar. Is there any way I can move it (adjust the X or Y position), or make it automatically scale to the bottom of the desktop? I tried the "draggable" and "position" setting within Rainmeter but it didn't work. Just this would be enough, but if possible, please let me know if I can disable the OmniCorp Intro "video" at the start because it is also not covering the full resolution of my screen and looks awkward (the blue console animation afterwards is cool though, and I would like to keep that). Thank you in advance for your advice!
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Hi, thank you for thanking me. :-)

First, for the OmniCorp animation I use 1920x1080 pictures, of course they don't fit your screen. If you want to skip them, you should do this : Find [CountSS], [Count00a], [CountFrames], [OmniCorp00], [WGFUC] delete them. Then find [fade0], change value IfEqualAction=[!PauseMeasure fade0][!ShowMeterGroup 01][!ToggleMeasureGroup RandC][!EnableMeasure CountT1][PLAY #@#01.WAV] and Disabled=0. Save, refresh. If anything wrong, let me know.
Second, to make the skin fit to your screen, you have to edit the .ini file, change the value of XY position you want. Cant explain here, because it will be a long story. Sorry. Maybe if I have time I will make this skin to fit all the screen. I really wish I had spare time.
Third, sorry about my english. :-) Hope you understand.
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I love this type of design! the blue is a little too darker for me, but it's easily adapted : )
The font seems a little too big too, but it's a great integration !
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Sorry, man, I'm new to Rainmeter. Don't know a single cotton-pickin' thing about it, 'cept that it'll make my desktop look cool. Any chance you could tell me how to download this, because I've downloader Rainmeter 3.1, but I'm not sure where to go from here. Could ya help me out? 
it's possible to put this skin in 1600x900 resolution ?
it's a very cool skin, keep going ! ^-^
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