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Nara burns

Well this is an image of Nara Burns from Exo Squad. And old 90's cartoon. Doesn't seem to be much in the way of fanworks based on this series. But yeah, been watching it a lot lately. I may have another image or two based on the series.. at some point.

Anyway, enjoy.
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WOW! That is awesome! Big Exosquad fan here as well. I'm actually working on a bit of a fan-project to expand on the original mythos. if you wanna check it out, I've got a post on reddit explaining the project here:….
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Hey I watched Exosquad too, and I found out that Universal cartoon Studios were the one who made it.
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Will this be in heroineappreciationday2016?
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Sorry I've been gone for over a week.  Dunno what heroineappreciationday is.  I also found a few expired invites in my box. 

All that said I should do new works based off exosquad.  I had a few failed attempts at Maggie Weston.
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Heroineappreciationday was November 13th, people would put the tag on pictures of their OCs, or the occasional picture of some other Heorine or Villainess.  The emphasis was on original and obscure heroines, but the rules were actually lax.  Nara would have fit in nicely.  I'd like to see more of Maggie Weston.  Her Fame makes me think of the "Get away from her you bitch!" moment from Aliens.
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Great job! Love this show!
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Nara!!! I loved Exo-squad. I remember going to school many a time depressed because of some awesome cliffhanger ending with JT Marsh and the rest. I cried when Marsala laid himself down for Nara's d-bag brother(if I'm remembering correctly).

Anyways, you get infinite loves for making such a slick fanart for this great show.
Her brother was named James and he wasn't a straight up d-bag. I mean he watched his parents being killed by the Neosapians, he watched his friends starve to death because the Neos burned their crops. He developed a strong hatred for the Neosapian forces and Draconis in particular. And while James knew intellectually that Marsala wasn't a part of that, it's hard to separate the trigger (seeing a neosapian) from the reaction (hatred). And it was James who sacrificed himself to save Marsala, by the way.
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YES! :woohoo: One of my favorite characters of that amazing yet neglected TV cartoon show! Thank you! :)
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exo force is a great adaptation
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This is great artwork, I have the first season on DVD and it was great.
This is great! I can't wait for Maggie!

If you're still not sure how to post the E-Frame, remember it crouched using it's backwards-articulated legs. Can't do that with the toy though. Bummer.
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Yeah, I was actually toying around with the idea, of slightly vamping up the designs. But haven't had the time. But yeah, kinda lost a little steam with them not released the 2nd season on DVD. :(
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Aww. :( I am sorry to hear you willnot do more art of ExoSquad due to season 2 not being sold to the public. But, I have ripped episodes of it from the net to still enjoy the show. Like me to let you know where to find them so you can, at least, watch the rest of the show?
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If you want you can PM me about it. Dunno if I'll do it now though. I'm thinking about reformatting my current PC (then giving it to a friend) and getting a new PC. So I'd be more inclined to check it out when I'm set up on the new PC.
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ive got a hold on season one on dvd, and ill tell you this is show that will kick your ass, long live 90's cartoons
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One of the best series for a kid in the 90s to grow up with.

It had so many complex adult, political and racial themes in it that weren't really addressed on a kid oriented tv show.

It also had a great epic feel to it, and its a shame not many people know about it.

Good work, wasn't she the one who piloted the e-fram with Marsala?
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Yep.... I was too lazy to draw him though. They gonna put the show on DVD in a month, so I may be drawing some more inspired works soon. But yeah it was a solid show, the toys were sweet too.
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i loved this show.
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great job on the eframe.
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i loved that show did you here sony pictures is releasing it on dvd
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