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Puppet Geisha

Concept of a puppet that the Zombie Samurai I designed is in love with.

A love definitely going to end in happiness. What could go wrong with a souless puppet and zombie <3
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Simple yet beautiful art
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A very cute idea! How original is that!! (Of course any sort of zombie fiction is necessarily -- and painfully-- original.)
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Thank you XD
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This is beautiful, I love the style, and I love the look of her, you done a beautiful job and you should be proud!
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Thank you! I actually feel like I did a bad job on this, but thank you!
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Bad job?! This is amazing, the style of her Kimono, and the background looking sharp and chrisp. It looks like you took some time making this art, and I really love this piece. Then again I'm a sucker for this kind of art ^^. And I love the soft expression on her face, as she plays a beautiful song.

I love it, and again, you should be proud of this, this is amazing work! And I will be defiantly following you as I love every single one of your works.
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Thank you!! this is really encouraging. I actually drew this earlier this year, but was too embarrassed to post it online until now.
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I can understand that here on this platform there is a lot of great art, and you look down at your art and say "maybe it's not good enough", but in the meantime you should proud for making this kind of art.

I keep on telling myself " Don't put yourself down, and don't compare yourself to other artists, as long as you enjoyed working on it, and you like it that all that counts."
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Thats a positive outlook :) its difficult to not put yourself down, it defiantly doesn't help yourself grow. 
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