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Make Your Own Beam Brushes

when you donwload this set of brushes you are downloading:
- 2 diferent beams (adjustable size)
- 3 diferent finish to give to your own beam
- 3 diferent beginings (diferent sizes and brightnes)
- 7 diferent special effects to give to your own beam

to proper use go to [link] where you can find the tutorial to Make Your Own Beam but if you dont want to click the link there here are some usefull tips:

- click a few times before moving the mouse because the brushes have less bright, just click from 3 to 6 times instead 1.
- to get a better effect add a color balance layer with all the highlights at -100 in Yellow/Blue.

i will fav++ all desings with a beam made with this method so, leave me a link to see what you do.
if you find this set usefull i will apreciate if you fav++ it so more ppl can find it.

UPDATE: They are made with Photoshop CS but using the ABR-viewer [link] it is posible to export them as PNG files and use them in any compatible program.
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Awesome! I will try to use then to make my own Beam Lights. When I finish I will post the link to you.
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I didn't exactly use the brushes as a beam, but I did this:…
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Hi, I used your stock here

Many thanks
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NICE*OOO* thanksss
how to download? Sorry I'm a new member. :D
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Hi used your stock here: [link]

Thank you!
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hmm... I should look into these.
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Gorgeous! Thank you; and thanks for the tutorial!
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Hi i used your stock here: [link]

Thanks a lot!
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Is there one for PSE 7.0?
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Awesome, I'll animate some beams and put them up sometime just to try these out.
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Can i use these in Sai?
Love these. Nothing else has to be said.
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Wow these are so pretty! I tried downloading one but ALL I GOT was the stick beam part. None of the beginnings none of the effects. nothing.

I have PS CS 4 btw.
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Awesome job!=D

Used it here:
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