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Angry Spitfire

Vector drawing of Spitfire who is angry at something. I wonder what?

My Little Pony belongs to :iconhasbroplz: and :iconfyre-flye:
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:spitfire: NO ONE MESS WITH MEH! Clapping Pony Icon - Instructor Uniform 
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:0 you don't want to make her mad, lol.  Great pic though.  I luv it Love
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Spitfire has a reputation among the Royal Equestrian Air Force as being strict to the point where her discipline is almost cruel.
Lightning Dust's punishment, for example, was to be suspended from the training base's flagpole by her tail for six hours.
She may seem all fun and games when she's off the clock, but when she's on duty, it's nothing but cold efficiency and high expectations.
Not surprising when you consider her fillyhood idols were Gordon Ramsay and Gy. Sgt. R. Lee Ermey.
Soarin': Aww... what would the Wonderbolts ever do without their team hothead?
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I love this. ^^

Is it just me, or did her personality change a bit in Wonderbolt Academy?
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Glad you love it! ^^ Funny feeling to look at one of my original pictures. and nope, it's not just you xD
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To me... Rainbow Dash and Spitfire have just 'bout the same kind of attitude... so... don't piss either of them off... or else you'll get pwned.
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Mind if I use this for my newest song cover?

You will be credited.
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I don't mind :3
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Somebody must've took Spitfire's Wonderbolts uniform...
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é por causa que dublaram a voz dela com voz de homem !
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Do you mind if I use this???
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Not at all. Go for it
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Just to let you know, I plan on using this vector in an image I have planned, if that's cool.
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Perfectly fine ^^
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OK, well, here it is, if you want to see it: [link]
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