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Something I do to friends with high frequency. Not quite as suffocating as :tighthug: hehe. I tried making a more complicated animation, with the hug progressing from normal to squishy and then the victim panting for breath, but when it wasn't working I scaled it back and it was much better.

Edit: Now with plz :iconsquishhugplz: :iconsquishhugplz:
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Red(Female Frisk) ; Chara, no.
Blue(Male Chara) ; Chara, yes.
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Blue: I'll never let you go... :iconsquishhugplz: Red: Too... TIGHT!!! Crushing...! Me.....
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Tight Hug oh well okay

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:iconsquishhugplz: thats better than a :icondeathhugplz: :rofl:
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:iconsquishhugplz: red-LET ME GOOO!

:iconidontwannaaaplz: blue- BUT I DONT WANNAAA
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There should be this emoticon where the red one hugs the blue one.
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Tight Hug der is Llama shy 
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Naw, that's different.
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M-Art-Artist's avatar it!!:heart:
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:heart: Love this icon!! It is Smashing!!:kiss:
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This is awesome :D
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