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Yes there are no "oldschool" titles here. I don't hold on to my childhood THAT tightly. There's no way in hell I would consider a primitive game one of the best I've played when I can't stand how it looks or plays anymore.

Rant aside, I've chosen the 10 games that spoiled me.

1. Life is Strange Can't say this game took me by surprise, I've been monitoring it since their official announcement, but I didn't expect the love I'd feel for it and its main characters. At the moment of this post I've only played the first 3 episodes... more than a few times. That's the thing, it's an episodic game, but so well crafted and the art is so good, the music is perfect I adore the soundtrack. Voice acting is pretty good and Ashly Burch as Chloe Price is beyond great, love her work. I don't want to say any more, I already have a tumblr where I can't shut up about it.

2. Persona 5 This is my first Persona game but not my first Persona experience. I was a hair away from buying Persona 3 back in the day, no idea why I ignored Persona 4 when it came out, I know it wasn't on purpose. I did watch the anime of it and loved it. At the time of this post I can tell you I played the game twice in a row (I missed a couple of confidants stories in the first playthrough since I don't use guides) I know Persona games focus on stories that are pretty much a discussion on society, from behavior to trends, a human condition type of storytelling. Characters are very important on each Persona game and the cast in 5 is really good. Did it borrow from previous titles? of course it did, not to play it safe but as a way to welcome new players like myself into them. In fact Persona 5 is a collection of everything that worked well in the past games, improved and then glorified with the amazing stylized presentation and aesthetics. After a murder mystery you can be sure I wasn't all that into being a "thief" but it didn't take that long for me to acknowledge they knew what they were doing. Is the theme of the game rebellion? don't think so, it's freedom.

3. Shenmue The story is your classic Asian kung fu story you see in movies. You killed my master/father/beloved and I will have my revenge. The execution however is not like that. It's the first game that I played that felt like what we currently know as a sandbox game. From the moment the game starts, the town Ryo Hazuki lives in feels real. There are many characters with very annoying voice actors (lol dubbed, played 2 in japanese before I bought the xbox version) but you sort of care about them. Even when you live your country the people you meet in the second game become just as important. That's something I miss in most games, I rarely care about characters in games anymore, not because I don't want to. The game also managed to teach you several lessons during Ryo's journey and that's something even cartoons are missing (except for Last Air Bender). Loved the RPG meets Adventure game that make this game work. So what these games spoiled in me? I expect the same attention to detail in characters, environments and story progression as in Shenmue.

4. Mass Effect Trilogy As soon as I got to design my Commander Shepard I felt like I had control over this story. The first arc of a trilogy, lots of information to give, lots of characters to present and a fun way to do it too. It carried over to the second game. Basically after every story mission you can interact with your crew, that's when you learn more about them and even initiate a romance. You can lose up to two characters in this game if you're not careful. No matter what you do you will lose one anyway. I didn't feel bad for leaving one of my squad members to die until the second game when I recovered the medals of the fallen. I avoided a big spoiler of the second game in its description, I hope that what I just said doesn't spoil it for those that haven't played this game.
I'm a big Sci Fi fan, I'm also a fan of having choices with consequences and that's why you see not one but four BioWare titles on this list. (I'm sick of medieval fantasy that's why DAO is not there, hell I didn't even buy it) When I played the first game I was too much into the story, can't say I cared about all characters but I did want my team to remain strong so I kept everyone I could alive. With this game you have a larger roster (I got the DLCs so add two more party members) so it should be harder to care about them. To be honest, in a way it is, but then you go to this loyalty missions. Each mission teach you a little something about that character. Can't think of a better way to have a backstory been told. Then what makes these characters feel real is what made the characters in Lost so interesting. They are all flawed in some way, but they're the best at what they do (sorry Logan). What did Mass Effect 2 spoiled in me? Well that's easy, I expect more sequels to carry over decisions made in the previous game and choices. Don't call yourself interactive if I can't have a different experience than another player.
Even though the ending of Mass Effect 3 still sucks, the game even with all its technical faults is still one of the best games I've ever played. Mostly in terms of character development this time. By the time you're starting this game you know these "people" and you care about most of them. Some decisions will make you lose some of them but there's one particular decision that I found really hard to change on my second and third playthrough. I couldn't tell Dr. Chakwas to keep doing what she was doing, she sort of begs you to let her join you if you refuse her at once. I wouldn't care but this is a character that has been with me since the beginning, she deserves to see things through. It's easier to tell Ashley Permission DENIED, damn bitch wouldn't join my suicide squad. The multiplayer is also very fun if you get a good (by good I mean no stupid people nor morons)group.

5. Uncharted 2 I didn't play the first game and I own the PS3 'cause I HAD to play Uncharted 2. I knew from the start that it would be like watching a movie. That means that I wouldn't be able to have choices like I do in Mass Effect. But I also knew that it would be like watching a REALLY GOOD movie so yea I had to buy it. This is the game that has spoiled me the most. Jumping, climbing running (I wish I had a few more stealth choices though) shooting, cover, transition between gameplay and scripted scenes is just superb. Lots of good things in this title and the graphics are phenomenal. I've played through the single player campaign no less than 4 times. I also loved the co-op missions online. There are only 3 but they're a lot of fun. There are also 3 co-op campaigns with Gold Rush, Survival and The Siege. Thanks to this game I expect most games to have a really good single player campaign with replayable co-op levels online. Even though I played a LOT of deathmatch, plunder and the like online I usually dislike competitive multiplayer.

6. Jade Empire First RPG I've played that I had full control of the battle. If I lost it was mostly 'cause I sucked, not 'cause I hadn't grind my way to level X. There are lot of things to like here, most of what Mass Effect has came from this game. It isn't as big a world as it felt though, each region was different enough that it felt like you traveled a lot during your quest. (something Fable should learn) The companionship with your first teammate and possible love interest if you play a male character is very well done. I loved to have her on my team all the time, I felt like I could genuinely trust her to have my back.

6. Fallout 4 Sets a new standard for what open world games should be and play like from now on. Plenty of things to like even if you're not a fan of post apocalyptic stuff.

7. Suikoden 3 Trinity Sight System. Best JRPG game I've played (including Chrono) So many characters that are "destined" to help you but that doesn't mean you just walk through the game and by the end of it you automatically have them all. No you really had to work to gather a big chunk of allies. That's what made the suikoden games so interesting but what made Suikoden 3 better than the rest in my opinion is the way the story is told. You get to see the story unfold from the eyes of the 3 main characters with 3 more versions, one of which doesn't really count but it's funny. There's also a sense of novelty in this game, most JRPGs are relatively the same old song and dance. Suikoden is a political game no matter who the main character is. Once you play the game as the villain you realize these Rune people are sick of humanity. They've lived far longer than most humans and they've seen it all. Game has 3 different battle systems. The classic turn based team vs team (you can have a party of 7 which is great) a Rock paper Scissors Duel and a strategy-like game near the end. Complements the story nicely which couldn't be done any better. However the game didn't age well, I wish Level-5 would re-do it with Rogue Galaxy's art style.

8. Saints Row 2 The Grand Theft Auto I always wanted. Not only do you get to create your own character (a feature I would like every game to have) and chose your gender but the character creator is so robust that you get plenty of layers of clothes (and many variations for each part) On top of that the games features full co-op campaign, and unlike some co-op games where you get to play the campaign, this one saves your progress if you're the guest. Some mini games can be done by yourself if your co-op partner doesn't feel like it. (I think that's only with racing but still nice) Only downside is the game has plenty of bugs and overpriced DLC. Speaking of DLC, once you get it your game isn't compatible with people that don't have it, and the compatibility must be exact.

9. Champions Online A game I was looking forward to as one of the reasons to buy an Xbox 360 over the PS3. This game was announced to be released on PC and Xbox 360 but for whatever reason it never saw an Xbox release. I've never owned a gaming rig, just PCs that are somewhat capable of running games but back then Champions was too much for the PC I had so I never bothered with it. Back in 2010 it was announced that Champions would be free to play so I jumped on the trial version before F2P was implemented. It was all a little daunting due to the amount of customization you were offered. And I don't mean character wise, I can handle robust character creators I love them but the game goes very far in offering ways to create the hero you want to make. If you want to make a character that uses the elements, you can. Want to go for a magic based armor? you can do that too. The game also used cel shaded for its graphics so even though it's almost a 4 years old game (at the time of this edit) it still looks good. I've been playing ever since and I love it. Another positive is since the game was to be released on xbox, the work had been done for Xbox controller support so you can play the game with the xbox controller without addition software, in fact that's how I play the game. I fell in love with the engine Cryptic studios used in this game (was later used on Star Trek Online and currently on Neverwinter) It has cross game chat so you can still talk to your buddies even if they are playing a different cryptic game. Custom channels so you can invite only the people you want to talk to. Bottom line it has a lot of things that some gaming sites consider new and innovative. Dynamic Events in GW2? Bitch please those are Open Missions in Champions Online and have been around since 2009. Best of all it's about super heroes, enough medieval fantasy already or wow clones heroes is where's at. The target audience however are a bunch of cheap bastards (myself included) so the game is suffering for that reason.

10. Paragon I love this game far more than I realized. After Maria hit us (September 2017) I was without internet for months (nearly 4 months) and the only game I wanted to play was Paragon. I love the characters, namely Phase. I love the gameplay, the deck building, the maps (all of them) the animations, the nuances. But now Epic Games decided to kill it in order to fatten their bellies with the success of Fortnite Battle Royale. Keep in mind, Fortnite was a tower defense game, they copied PUBG and added some of the Fortnite's mechanics and now that is their main game. Save the World (which was their design) is now a mode, a mode that lacks everything they promised we would have, a mode that feels as abandoned as Paragon, so think it twice before spending money on Epic Games games. Thank you for Paragon but fuck you Epic Games.

10. The Sims 3 Full customization and thanks to the modding community, more options that you could ever want. People may argue that the Sims 2 is better, thanks to its 8 expansions, but I disagree. The Sims 3 open world alone makes it better, even if you only have the base game. On top of that, the graphics are a lot better. Granted that the limitations of Sims 2 allowed people to mod the characters even better, creating almost perfect representations of celebrities, but I've seen really good mods for Sims 3 coming out that will match it if not surpass it. It's hard to call the Sims a game when it's actually more like a tool for creative people to build something fantastic. Personally I find that a few hours in The Sims is something very relaxing.

10. KOTOR The first RPG by BioWare that I've played which had 3 paths to follow. First time I've realized if it were real there's no way I could become a Jedi. If anything the best I could would be a Gray Jedi and that's unlikely. Great story, makes you reflect on yourself if you get really into it (how Bastila pissed me off as soon as she started barking orders) One of the best Star Wars game to date and I'm a huge Star Wars fan. I even saw the crappy new trilogy at the cinemas so yea.

There were only 10 spots and I chose my love for BioWare over everything else but I have to mention at least two more games that spoiled me. Batman Arkham Asylum and Assassin's Creed 2 Both are incredible games that make you feel like a super hero/assassin.

UPDATE 6/16/2015

Since there's a little probability at this point that I'll like a game better than I like Life is Strange right now, and since BioWare had released the Mass Effect Trilogy as a single obtainable game, I decided to rearrange my list.

UPDATE 1/1/2016

Had to add fallout 4 'cause it is a great game. Best gameplay in 2015 no contest. Shenmue is taking 2 spots so this isn't a true top 10, I would add XCOM Enemy Unknown as the 10th game, for one I really liked that game and two, it is so well done it pretty much became the name of the genre. Also I mentioned that Batman AA and Assassin's Creed 2 spoiled me, well both games have been surpassed by their own sequels. Arkham Knight and Syndicate take the spots now.
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