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The past year or two have been stressful for me and I've gone through plenty of changes in my life.  That has killed much my inspiration, motivation and creativity.  However, I think that things are starting to bloom again for me.

I've been practicing all forms of positive thought, exercising methods of letting go of negative thoughts and trying to not dwell on the past, and embracing the present and being thankful in it.  Combining those with having gone through a long harsh winter, I think my muse is finally starting to come out of hibernation.  Little by little, I'm sketching again.  Painting pennies and working on other creative projects seem to help breathe fresh new life into my creativity and I feel like I WANT to do more. 

Patience is key, however.  I'm nervous about trying too much too soon and scaring away my shy muse back into hiding and burnout. 

Thankfully there are other alternatives available to me at this point.  I've got a voice studio all set up now for recording relaxation and hypnosis mp3s.  Talking doesn't take too much creative thought - at least not the same type of thinking that visual art uses.
I've also been working in other crafting forms of art lately as well.  Not sure what will come of it all, but it's fun to experiment.

In between projects, I'll be watching things that inspire me.  Agents of SHEILD, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (and reading the comics), and I've gotten the box set of Fraggle Rock.  The theory is - more happiness and inspiration going in, the more happiness and inspiration will come out!

I hope that Spring and new life have come to you all as well. 
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Year of the Horse coming up - hopefully a more artistic/inspiring year than 2013 was for me.

And hopefully it's an awesome year for you all as well!

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Best wishes to you all with inspirations, motivations, and plenty of time for both in 2013!
February starts the year of the Snake - a very artsy year indeed.

I'm looking forward to seeing (and hearing about) the creative endeavors of you all!
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This year was the Chinese year of the Water Dragon - any dragon year is always a year of change.  And I don't know anyone who hasn't gone through quite a handful of dynamic changes this year.  Graduations, new babies, deaths, job changes, moving, natural disasters, getting married.... the list goes on.
I just hope that the colder months will cause the water dragon to slow down.  I have a feeling though that the November rain and Christmas snow will just keep the changes flowing around us all.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are signals to me that I should stay in, eat pie and hibernate now that it's going to be cold and dark most of the time.  It's a good season to catch up on letter writing, art/costuming projects, cleaning/organizing and trying new recipies.  I'm just trying to tread water and go with the flow in what's left of this Dragon year and not let it drown me.

Anyone looking for a pen pal?
send me an email or a private message here and we can exchange addresses.
Anyone have any recipes they want to trade?  I've got a few to exchange too.

Anyone having an end of the world party for December 21st?
If we can make it to 2013, we'll make it to the year of the Snake - a calm, analytical, sensible sign.  Ambitious, but realistic.
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It's almost the Pagan New Year/Samhain/Halloween/Dia de los Muertos and all that fun stuff.  Anyone have plans or parties?
Then after that, all registered voters in the US should go vote on November 6th.
From there, there are still conventions, Thanksgiving, and then the madness that is Christmas season.  It's probably a good idea to get most activities done before the snow comes - its' supposed to be a harsh winter...

I'll still be taking commissions!  They make great Christmas presents!  (though if they are a gift for someone, be sure to tell me that ahead of time to make sure it's done in time and shipped out in time)

$5 sketches
$10 inked
$20 full color

Thanks very much!!
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The air is cooling off, Convention season and Ren Faire season are in their peake and it's apple picking time!    Halloween candy is filling the stores, too.... sooooo tempting!

Best wishes to you all with inspirations, motivations, and scheduling!  Fall seems to always be the busiest time of year for some reason.

I'm still taking art commissions for anyone who is interested

$5.00 sketches
$10.00 inked (black & white)
$20.00 full color (markers)

All commissions include up to 3 characters and can be mailed at no extra cost.  Please email me at sue_sama @ if you have a commission or questions about a commission.

Thanks again!
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Due to recent financial reasons, I'm opening my doors to all kinds of commissions!  

$2.00 quick sketches (example:… /… /…) - I spend no more than 10 minutes for these

$5.00 full pencil sketches (example:… /…)
$5.00 for coloring pages (example:

$10.00 for inked black & white pictures (example:… /…)
$10.00 full color art card (2.5 x 3.5 inch card - example:… /…)or icon/avatar (example:… /…)

$20.00 for full color (example:… /…)

All commissions include up to 3 characters per page (if a transition/transformation/comic, this includes 3 panels worth) - anything additional to that would be extra - I could discuss this with you if you're interested.

I accept PayPal payments and mailed checks/money orders.
Please visit here for my full commission details…
You're also welcome to message me here or email me at with any questions
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Ok, so the Cereal contest was a dumb idea apparently.
Maybe you'd like to try a Scavenger Hunt?  It's not a contest, there's no prize or deadline, but it could be fun!…
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I've randomly noticed that all breakfast cereal mascots are Male (even the non-sugary corn flakes rooster!)!  Breakfast is a total Sausage-fest!  The only females representing the most important meal of the day are Aunt Jemima and Mrs. Butterworth.
It's true that there have been "girl" cereals, but they've all been based on existing characters that have been honored with a breakfast cereal named after them (Disney Princesses, Strawberry Shortcake, etc.).  
The theory behind it is that girls generally have less bias on the gender of the mascots of the products they enjoy.  Boys, however, are less likely to eat a cereal (or use any other product) if a girl is the main mascot.  I'm guessing it's due to a cooties intolerance/allergy.

Still, I would like to see what you would want to see as a female cereal mascot!  

-The character must be original.  No feminizing of existing cereal mascots and no use of non-cereal existing characters.  (though if you wish to send me your inspiration of any existing characters as cereal girls, I will showcase it in the entries received - it will not be elligible for prizes)
-The character must be family friendly.  
-The cereal may or may not be an existing cereal.  If it does exist, please call it some similar fake name (like store brand does.  ex:  Cheerios = Tasteeos or Lucky charms = Magic Stars... you get the idea)
-Art may be in any medium.  Hand-drawn, digital, sculpture, photography, mixed media, edible... I may even give honorable mention to writers who can work up a character name, idea and commercial script or jingle.

--Deadline is Saturday, September 8th.  Winners will be announced Sunday September 9th.

PRIZES (I don't have much to give):
First Place:  Free full-color commission ($20 value) plus 15 dA points
Second Plaec:  Free black & white commission ($10 value) plus 5 dA points
Third place:  Free sketch commission ($5 value) plus a llama badge

Please pass this along to artists you think may be interested!  
Good luck and may you stay crunchy in milk!!
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That's right.  I'm finally admitting it.

... I'm a morning person!  

Shameful, I know.  Especially for someone who uses the internet.....
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Well, since season 2 of Being Human ended a few weeks back, I've had to find other things to fan-girl over.  Currently, I'm obsessed with my Pathfinder RPG characters (my husband and I both play in 2 games).  Thankfully it's also getting to be Convention season.  Boston ComicCon was fun and coming in June is NH Granite State Comic Con which sounds fun, but definitely small.

DragonCon is in the works and I've got a costume being worked on that I commissioned earlier this year.  I need to find a way to shove my tons of hair into a skull cap and then into a wig and make it look good.  I have a feeling that starting with braids will be key...

So what are your favorite conventions (or ones you REALLY want to go to)?  Do any of you prefer Ren Faire's instead?  
Who's coming to DragonCon this year?  Who's coming to NY Comic Con this year?  I'd love to meet up!
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For the month of April, I was going to donate all commission money to the NH SPCA Paws Walk, but car repairs came up and I've decided just to donate the first $100 worth. If you want to donate separately or if you specifically want your commission money to go to the fundraiser, I'll post your name if you'd like in the donation list! (only if you wish) - page for donations

Thank you!
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This is something I've seen on dA for a while now - people have character pictures up for "adoption", but what does that even mean?
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I totally have no attention span.

I know there are things I should do, things I probably would even enjoy doing.... just no ambition and no attention span. It's not even that I'm tired or in a bad mood.  I just crave doing mindless things and doing them on my own time.  Working at anything right now is just not in my desired agenda... working at my job, working at losing weight, working at commissions or personal art projects...

... though I am doing all of the above at the best capacity I can...

... just no attention span...
  .... and no real reason to have written any of this, but I felt chatty.
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In celebration with Doctor Steel's army of Toy Soldiers, we celebrate our unity this Sunday, March Forth!…
Want to be a Toy Soldier too?  Check out the forum!

I know that the Doctor has since retired from his position, but I've joined as a Toy Scout to promote his ideas of a Utopian Playland (

Watch the Dr. Steel Show! (ep.1) (ep.2)

I'll be working on my scout uniform in celebration!
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I'm not sure what caused my stress to build up over the past few months, but Christmas was my breaking point.  I feel bad cancelling the commissions that I had accepted earlier, but I just couldn't bring myself to draw other peoples ideas.   
So, for now I'm just focusing on what I CAN do and what I WANT to do.  One thing I really enjoy is being lazy, so I'm taking more time relaxing and doing relaxing things.  Another way I'm taking care of myself is the weekly cardio class I've been going to with my sister for the past few months.  I'm going to add another evening in the week dedicated to working out more and getting healthier.  It's helped so far, so a little more will help a little more.

The aim is to get under 200 lbs (and stay there for a good long while) and become emotionally stable again (as much as any artist could be).  I'm getting there on both counts, but persistence is key.  Sit ups, jumping jacks, TV and robot unicorn attack are all helping me along :)

I have this feeling that the year is going to get stressful and this is the calm before the storm.  So, I'm going to make the most of this down time as I can to prepare for what may be ahead.
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I can't believe how fast December is flying!  Work has been busy, art has been busy, and social life has been busy too.  
So, with this year wrapping up, I wanted to wish you all the best for the coming year and I hope it's better than your 2011 was.

What sorts of things are you looking forward to in the coming year?  Any plans or hopes?
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This is meant as something to be thankful for an not something to feel guilty about:

**If you woke up this morning with more health than illness, you are more blessed than the million who will not survive this week.

**If you have food in the refrigerator, clothes on your back, a roof over your head and a place to sleep, you are richer that 75% of this world.

**If you have money in the bank, in your wallet and spare change in a dish someplace,you are among the top 8% of the world's wealthiest people.

**If you can hold someone's hand, hug them, or even just put an arm around their shoulder,you are blessed because you can offer a healing touch.

We are each given a life and opportinities to do things wtih it.  I hope that the opportunities you are given are vast, frequent and that you take every single one you can!  Life is not a spectator sport - get out and live it!  Dare to love someone or something with your whole being!  Try something new!  Make lots of mistakes and learn from them.  Get off the computer for a while and interact with some friends, family and neighbors.

What sort of thing were you scared/nervous to do that you now feel really good about trying?  Was it a new food you tried that you learned you liked?  Someone you were nervous to meet, but turned out to be really friendly?  Travelling far, but loving the journey?  I love to hear stories of people finding awesome things to love about life.
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Halloween Candy

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 1, 2011, 1:32 PM

Happy October everyone!  That means Beer Fests and stores filled to the brim with bags and bags of candy!  This year you can help in a little way by saving your candy wrappers and donating them to!

They take the candy wrappers (and drink pouches, chip bags, cookie bags, etc.) that we usually throw away, and they turn them into cool products and donate money to charities!

Yeah, I know I'm a total recycle-freak-hippie-treehugger, but I also love candy.  This is the best of both worlds for me!!

Happy October everyone!

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I hope everyone is having an inspring and fun summer!  It's officially here (well, in the northern hemisphere at least)
Anyone have exciting plans in store?
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