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Laniakea the Space Genie

By zaionczyk
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This was a commission for :iconthehappysultan: and I had so much fun with her!  what a cool design for a character!
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I like this one a lot. :)
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  congrats on enjoying this work!.....
congrats on this commission TheHappySultan 

Very pretty, love the starry hair.

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Glad you have fun! Each time I look at this, I am filled with such joy. Thanks again! :D
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Very nice.  I like the color choices.
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Genies must have so much trouble with lung cancer, consider how often they smoke...

(Yes, it's such a horrible joke. No, I'm not sorry.) =P
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I love the cosmic theme around this one. Very dazzling. :D
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Super hot and sexy!
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that's because it's a space themed genie and it's name, laniakea is the name of the supercluster that our own galaxy is part of
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im quite fascinated by this. I only knew the name meant immense heaven, which I figured worked with a space genie.
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well, you learn something new everyday
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Uh, I didn't know that this was the name of our supercluster. :O

Thanks for sharing. :)
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wow this brings back memories
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