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Character by Committee

I made a facebook post to create a new character.  I offered that people could comment with one physical trait, one personality trait, and something about this character's past. 
So I introduce you to the (un-named, non-gendered) blue-skinned orc, raised by kobolds who loves to read and spent time at sea.  They love cute animals, they're curious, kind, fun, and have eyes that randomly appear.  And as you can see, they are muscular and have long luxurious curly hair.  They used to be a competetive eater and are a stickler for rules (and laws).  

Definitely a challenge, but really fun to try to include all the elements into one drawing!
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Interesting character and a cute bunny. :)

Great ideas coming together, I like it.

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What are they reading?

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I guess that could be up for suggestion and interpretation/imagination as well!