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Character by Committee 2

Another facebook post to create a character based on simple descriptions given by multiple people.  She has green hair, purple ram horns, antennae, wooden skin and a robot leg... they went bonkers with this one!  She loves her family, parrots, pottery, and taking things apart (as well as cursing joyfully)
There were conflicting comments about her being raised in a city and being raised in a place like the Scottish highlands, so I combined them on her shirt.
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I initially mis-read the last word of "so I combined them on her shirt." as "skirt" so I scrolled back up to see if I had missed a kilt, but then I figured out my error. Still, a kilt would have been interesting. :)

Amazing how you take all those random elements and make them look naturally cohesive. Especially love the detail on the robotic leg; nice work.