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Doing some Yoga.

man that sounds like a Brand name.

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What's with the naked Blake doll?

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Me: *Whispers* What I would give to be that top right now...

Yang: What?

Me: Nothing.

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Shirt stating that obvious and tuna Blake.
What’s next? Weice? (Weiss and ice)
More like Yanga

I don't have enough regret to

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Asssumin' dat Yang's tryin' ta get inta Blake's arse ain't goin' out so well fer da latter. Dat kitty cat iz really gunna 'ave an 'ard time keepin' wiv dis oversized lizard. 
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Gets a fav just for the shirt. So Yang.
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I'd proudly wear a shirt that says that. And I'm a dude.
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Me: *Reads shirt* what's huge?

Yang: know what it meansFreddy Facepalm Chat Icon 

Me: no I don't....


Me: O_O! OH NO F------ WAYNosebleed 
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That wouldbe my reaction, too!

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Me: Not in front of Cirno!!!! Pervert’s!!!!!
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the shirt never lies.
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And yes, they're all Natural.
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Anyone else notice that the Blake doll in the background seems to be missing it's clothing?
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I'm trying hard to not laugh.
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the shirt makes me laugh, that's perfect xD
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This is just too perfect :3
 Wow, not sure if she's relaxed or in pain while in this position.  Still, the shirt is definitely Yang, not ashamed of who she is.  Love it. :D
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"YogaYang" is not a brand name.

Now "YangYoga" is a different story.
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