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Aterro Class Destoyer by Zaineordo Aterro Class Destoyer by Zaineordo
Attero Class Destroyer
Length-2760 Meters
Height-750 Meters
Width-1204 Meters
Maximum acceleration: 148,397 km/s
Engine unit(s): Alteran ion sublight drives (8)
Hyperdrive: Alteran intergalactic hyperdrive
Power plant: ZPM, solar power generators, zero point generators.
Shielding: Alteran Shield System
Hull: Naquadah/Trinium alloy
Sensor systems: Alteran sensor System
Targeting systems: Alteran Neurological Interface System
Navigation system: Alteran Starmap
Avionics: Alteran Neurological Interface System
Countermeasures: plasma defense laser (106)
Armament: Drone Weapon Launcher (12), Pulse weapon turrets (13), Langerian Point Laser (42)
Complement: Preliator Class Scout (3), Draconis Class Interceptor (6)
Crew: min: 1 full: 6,500
Passengers: 1,000
Cargo capacity: 7 million cubic meters
Consumables: 7 Years

Built by the Alterans during their war with the Wraith, the Attero class destroyer served as escort for less armed transport ships, as well as science and medical ships. The Attero-class is considered to be among the most advanced class of starships ever created, with only the Asgard-modified Landry-class seen to rival the power of this variant. It is unknown how an Ori warship or the Asgard Jotunn-class ship would fare against one of these vessels, but at peak capacity, just one of them is more than a match for an entire fleet Goa'uld Ha'tak's.
Only two were built, but disappeared early in the war with the wraith. Meant to be the workhorse of the Alteran Fleets before the vanishing.

Notable Ships- Attero, Tertius
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