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 True self is without form. - Zenyatta

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I absolutely love how you did this. One of his best skins.
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Probably one of my favorite skins in the game and it looks even more incredible here than it looks in-game. (Although it seems to be unpopular among the people I know irl who play Overwatch lol)

I don't play as Zenyatta much, but I'd probably make him my main if I had this skin. Stunning work!
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Stunning. One of my least favourite of skins for Zenyatta and now you've got me wanting to unlock it next haha. Very well done.
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Aww, glad I did i guess lol. I always use this skin.
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That is incredible!
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I know this is an old piece by now, and I Favorited it sometime in the past, but I wanna express myself about it.
Looking at this image of Zenyatta (Whom I main in OW) inspired me to practice with him again.
I'd not opened Overwatch in quite sometime, but this image emits power to my eyes.
He casts his judgement of not malice, anger, or evil. But pure integrity to rid of impurity.
The impact this piece has on me is difficult to describe in words, but I can say without a doubt it's empowering.
I appreciate the effort you put into making this.
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Wow, so you got back into it? I'm so honored to have inspired you. This is one of them comments that will always remain in the back of my mind, thank you ^^
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Wow...Just wow. I like the use of Greek letters to spell out Zenyatta. I see stuff like this, glance at my work, and shed a tear. This is truly a work of art.
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If you really want to be good at art, you just need to practice a lot, learn from your mistakes, improve all the time.
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so beautiful! i loved it!
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true self is without form but true epicness has this form
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Amazing job, Zeny is amazing but I main Mercy 👌
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