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Win7-Shine for Windows 7 v1.4

if any x86 user is experiencing weird bug in superbar buttons then install the theme in the x64 folder


In the preview:

StartORB by me
Icons by me
Wallpaper is Beautiful Wallpapers Pack by gloriousday



1. Download Universal Theme Patcher. Run in it Administrative mode (right-click > "Run as administrator"),

UAC must be turned off.
After patch, restart the computer to take effect.

2. Extract contents (Win7-Shine.theme & Win7-Shine folder) into C:\Windows\Resources\Themes
and double-click on Win7-Shine.theme
Then restart to make sure everything works properly.
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Wish someone would port this to Windows 10
Now i can't see the icons's theme.
I can not install it
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好灰 好白!不错!
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thx a lot
i take it~
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bugs on taskbar
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the send revision is out.
Shine 2.0
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Thank you for your working~
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really cool...
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Woops, already found it out :)
Hi, you did a great Job, but i still have the standard Super-Bar. Any suggestions ?
I'm using 7 with 32Bit. And installed it, like in the Manual.

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well this theme has the new buttons just for x86 because of a bug.
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Corners should be a little rounded.And the progress bar should be blue or something.That green hue looks weird.But it's a cool theme.
PS: why I can't edit the theme with Windows Style Builder?After saving the theme and applying it the whole shell crushes.... can u make a version without the user picture in the start menu? Thanks! :D
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shine 2.0 is almost complete :)
ill be releasing it soon.
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