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StartSquare for Win7-Shine

Take ownership of explorer.exe and give yourself full permissions to it. (Right click on it > Properties > Security Tab > Advanced > Owner Tab > Edit > Click on Administrators > OK > OK > OK > OK > YES then Right Click on the file again, Properties > Security Tab, click on EDIT > click on Administrators, Full Control: Allow > OK > OK)

Rename explorer.exe by explorerBackup.exe (in order to have a backup of the original if you enconter problems

Then open the explorer.exe with any resource hacking software.

I prefer restorator 2007.
Use it to replace the 3 same named resources in the BMP folder inside EXPLORER.EXE.

I am too busy these days so if somebody doesnt get my instructions, ask someone who can explain.. It will be hard for me to reply. :)

i made this for myself. But sharing with all of you.
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could you make some sort of wallpaper from that icon
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zain - another great one friend - thx for sharing !!
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Looks good, mate!
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Just downloaded this, the orb looks really good, and the glow on hover effect is simply awesome =D
gunaysay's avatar
need windows 7 start button changer compatible image, much easier than manual change
BCEM's avatar
Great work, but, any chance of small version?

you could have asked to use my orb or given me credit
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yeah yours is completely different compared to Zain's bud. Look carefully, or closely. He doesn't have that border like yours. lol. Nice try though! lol.
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are u kidding me?
i made this orb myself ... it took me more than 40 minutes!!!!

DOWNLOAD IT.. and take a closer look dude...
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its a bitmap..
its for both :)
what visual style are you using? I luv the taskbar!
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its a new visual style im working on. ive already released the beta..

its called win7-shine. :)
look it up.
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Love the design my friend nice work :).
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dammit Zain, you made my Windows Store start orb look like crap lol. I love it dude!
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no man.. urs one is kinda same. just a little smaller then my icons :)
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Haha i know, and yours has more detail in it. Which is what I wanted to originally do, but failed lol. :) I'll keep working on icons though, and I'm still trying to figure out how to theme. It's difficult for me for some odd reason.
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well its just time consuming..

ur chrome icon took me 45mins.. :P
and im not sure if ul like it.

i wanted ur msn so i can send it to u.. but u didnt read the post on neowin.
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oh sorry man, I DO love the Chrome icon. BTW, here is my MSN:

:) Hit me up whenever, I always enjoy talking to fellow PS lovers and customizers.
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That's awesome, where did you get the other icons?
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