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Q-oob for SuperBar

By zainadeel
Hi Guys.. Here is a Surprise for New Year.
50 new icons to go on your SuperBar!!! :D

Please if you like them like my page on Facebook as support.

Link : [link]

guys the download link has been fixed. Its in a zip file attached here.
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plz update more icons ... (AIMP, sublime, netbeans, notepad++)
ur icons very nice +fav 
These are nice, you said 128x128 but they are 32x32 which looks terrible in Windows 10. Is there a link to those?
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i never said 128x128.

These are for use in the taskbar.
How do you install these icons??
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I love these! any chance you could make an Origin icon?
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im sorry i might not be updating this. But i do have the Origin icon in my newer pack of icons. The Metro2 icons.
I might being a complete noob, but where do the ico files go?
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On most shortcuts, you right click, go to properties, and then click change icon. (In a folder, go the customization panel.) Now, locate where you saved the icons, and select the one you want. Done. You've probably figured this out by now, since it's been ages, but, here you go, just in-case.
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They are beautiful! Thank you for these great icons! Could you possibly add Photoshop? I see IcoFx there but not the King? :)
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photoshop is there as another pack.. :)
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Oh, I just found them in your page. Nice! I should drop the link here: Consider adding these and the Office ones in the description so that you don't get these questions all the time.:D Thanks again!
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Oh, I see now, you 're using Gimp :). I made a very! basic one (basically using Vuze as the base and placing the PS CS6 icon above it). Grab it here if you want it:
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Hi, i love this icons but i wish i could make new ones for personal use. So, could u post a PSD or a PNG with an empty square ?
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I really love them c:
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Any chance you'd make a Windows 8 start icon (for Start8, as seen here: [link])
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link not working.
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I've been using these forever and even tried my best to emulate the style for some of my missing icons here and realized I have yet to comment on them. Any tips on my expansion pack or template file that you wouldn't mind sharing would be off the chain, of course. I'm mostly adding development-related icons.

Again, simply perfect taskbar icons.
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uve done a really good job :)

The problem is that there is no template... I tweak it for each one of the icons.. so its mostly all custom shapes for each.. Some of it isn't even vector.
Its raster brushing with layer masks.

Uve done a really great job with the template I think.. u just need to resize the logos a bit smaller to give the icon room to breathe.
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Hello! your icon work is really amazing (: thanks! the only icon missing to get complete my superbar is AIMP ):
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what software is AIMP?
I will take it into account in my next pack
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