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Metro2 for Superbar

Here it is guys!!! This is to Thank alllllllll my fans and friends Who helped my Theme reach the Frontpage of DeviantART.

And to celebrate my Shine 2.0 I thought there is no better way than to create Square icons to go with it.

I created all these icons in the style of Tiles you see in WP7 and Windows 8 so they are and will be relevant even when Windows 8 comes out :D

This pack contains over 100 icons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also the icons are only 32x32
And finally.. If u like my work and use it please like my page on facebook @ zainadeeldesigns
also follow me on twitter @ zainadeel

P.S. anybody in the mood of sending me a dribbble invite?
:P :P :P
© 2012 - 2021 zainadeel
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hey how shouldi use the zip file
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Thanks very much !
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I love it so much!(Hey guys,I'm Chinese:->
Is there a way I can install the icons all on my computer like with 7stp?
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Hey, I really like your icons. but I have to ask your something, I have to install this icons one by one? it's can take hours, there is some program that can this Icon package easily?
Thanks! :)
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Very usefull even they are not all standardized and fully metro.

Check mines too ! They are the first piece from what is meant to be the greatest (in both number and quality) metro tiles collection from DA

Ive started to metronize all the cool software icons out there. Ill make them systematically, releasing big pack for each software category. Ive started "bashfully" with 3D software field. They came out awesome and ultimate quality Check them here [link]

Now Im focused on Office , Productivity, OCR, Desktop publishing stuff
How do you install them?
WOW,great stuff,thank you!!
ewwww....these companies have their designer to work on their logo icons....why dont you create something that will help could have created icons for any web application.
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It's called customization. ^^ 
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Wow thank you! gonna use this!
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you can create icon eMule kindly please
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ill keep it noted for my next pack
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I understand :)
so you're there for the next packet could also put an icon of poker and football
folders is always in style meter eMule, uTorrent and JDwonloader?

: D

I do not say anything please :)


ps: but when it is posted then the new package?
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no idea when I will do the next one.
But utorrent is already there. And also a generic download icon for any downloading software.
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not know, but for uTorrent and eMule intedevo JDwonloader and folders
type so

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Good ! Thanks !)
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It's be cool if you made a larger version that would work on a windows 8 tile!
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i will be doing that :) don't worry.
I just need to make sure if I should position them right in the middle.. or a little to the top like on the original tiles in Windows 8
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