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June 26, 2009
Alice next seat by ~zain7 is a stunning artwork! The colors and composition are masterfully placed, fantastically whimsical illustration
Featured by archanN
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Alice next seat

My Alice is a child of today :D
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great picture!!
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This art piece is so mind blowingly good !! The colors are spot on and the whole drawing takes you in. The cards are a nice add on to it as well <3
copperthefoxcat's avatar…
just saying, someone stole your art at the link above
the-anime-donut's avatar
Did you know your artwork has been featured in one of techgnotic's collections? ^-^
kancutboy's avatar
i think this is a annabelle when she still human..... 
CrazyCez's avatar
I she meant to look scary? She looks rather frightening...
littlemisssrl's avatar
This looks like a Miyazaki adaptation of Alice!! I would pay to see that!!
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It has a unique feel to it, yet it's not without an essence of Miyazaki. Mainly with the wonderful shading and colors.
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That is Fantastic!! I am a HUGE Alice fan and this is one of my favorites!
purplepam2012's avatar
WOW!! I love your imagination!! Great job!
DesertBlueBird's avatar
lol shes going to Wonderland Academy
I love this picture so much! I was obsessed with the Alice stories when I was ten years old, and during the last week or so (twelve years later) I've been on a huge Lewis Carroll nostalgia trip. One of my best friends has this picture as her Cover Photo on Facebook, so I had to Google it to add to my own wallpaper stash. You are a gentleman (or -woman, as the case may be) and a scholar, and I applaud your work!
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B B Bellissimo!!!!
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love the concept!
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that artwork is amazing O_O
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I love the colors you used!
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