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Neon Skye - iPhone Theme

***Please Comment!***

This is an iPhone Theme that I have been working for and am currently using. Neon Skye is built from various parts from other themes and molded into one.

Keep in mind the various pieces to this theme are not made by me but by they respective owners and artists.

(In order to make it look like the screen shots)
iBlank & Blanknull (Keeps iBlank icons from opening Safari)
(Both found in Cydia)
--Create a blank icon using iBlank and place it on page one (where no tint is and the tab is visible) then move all icons from the first page to second page and so on.

Download and unzip.
SSH into iPhone and find Library.
Find the Themes folder and place theme into it.
Then go into Winterboard, find Neon Skye and select it.
Download and unzip
SSH into iPhone and go back to Root
Find and enter Stash
Find and enter Themes.
Place package in Themes folder.
Go to Winterboard, find Neon Skye and select it.
© 2009 - 2021 zain-the-main
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Beautiful stuff :)
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Nice Lockscreen, where'd you find it ;) lol