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Sunset in Mountains 2

Another sunset scenery...
100% Made with Terragen...
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hm, I think you submitted this to the wrong section, sorry. but I think that terragen does not fall into the "paintings and airbrushings" category :D

to the pic itself: I think you should really take it further, add more elements of interest, and do some postprocessing, maybe find more interesting perspectives too =)
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I think its in "Paintings & Airbrushing > Landscapes & Scenery"
IMO its good place to post it...

any wayz Thanks for valuable comments :)

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well, I am sorry to disagree with you, but terragen does definately not belong to the Paintings & Airbrushings gallery, no matter what sub category you chose. As the name says, there belong only pieces which are actually painted ... and not created with a semi automatic landscape generator.
and believe me, I've done enough landscape paintings ;)

I think terragen is usually posted into the 3D section =)
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Thanks memod for guidance :)

I'll take care of it in future.


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Very very Thanks you all guys...

BUT... its digital art :), Hibatos !!!

I am modifying the description so I hope no one will be in doubt again.

any ways Thanks for kind comments .. much appreciated :)
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Amazing! :omg: When I first saw this on the front page, I thought to myself "I have to see this, just hope its not one of the terra-gen pics". And whada ya you know it's authentic! Great shot, great scenery, most of all great timing! I don't thing you could of waited any longer for that sun to strike that mountain peak any better! I like sunset shots, but real good ones are hard to come by! Let alone ones that are worthy or "+fav"'ing.
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of :+fav: 'ing I ment!
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Did you take this photo yourself? It is very good!
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