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Box Girl

By zaidoigres
A study on anatomy and color. Two hours with reference. Thanks for watching!

EDIT: I just want to make clear that I didn't come up with the idea for this illustration. I've found the source of the reference I used, it was based on a photo from

Also, later I'll be posting the steps for anyone interested.

Thank you!
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© 2014 - 2021 zaidoigres
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Vandal030's avatar
Cool idea. well done.
connecteduniverse's avatar
faces are hard to draw
squarenuts's avatar
WE TV "Sex Box" show ad?


Amazon after hours? (the internet never sleeps)
UrsulaDecay's avatar
the  lighting  is  done  so  well and  so are  the  colors  awesome work  ^  o ^ !!!
Upload a YouTube video of the process! Very skilled!
pavel007's avatar
what brush is this
zaidoigres's avatar
Nothing special, just the standard chalk brush with the angle set to direction.
pavel007's avatar
ty for  info :)
Necronoise's avatar
this paint is surreal you know?
zaidoigres's avatar
Tzartrex's avatar
very cool man 
SteveMillersArt's avatar
nice job. reminds me of silent hill a bit
Meema's avatar
Very nice work.
Dave-Wilkins's avatar
zaidoigres's avatar
ChaseKBergeron's avatar
Interesting brooding shatters composed sewn, my friend.....
zaidoigres's avatar
ChaseKBergeron's avatar
jhoneil's avatar
This is amazing. It reminds me of this one face pack by DanielaUhlig
zaidoigres's avatar
Yeah! Thank you!
ManuelDupong's avatar
Check the curves on that box!
DenzelAJackson's avatar
Wow, this is very nice, I really like simple heavy black with the figure. And the sense of scratches is interesting, nice work mate
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