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Limmaos by Zahyebah Limmaos by Zahyebah
IDk guys but for me this art turned out really.... bad XD Like already two peeps sayed its looks awesome but I just....nope XDD

Name: Limmaos

Nicknames (how humans calls him): "The snake beast.", "The demon of mountains"

Real name: Limmaos (XD)

Age: unkown

Race: demon

Demon type: Snake demon

Eye color: is dark green.

Outfit: has no clothes to vear.

Hair color: really light blonde (lighter than the platinum blonde color)

Date of Birth: unkown.

Where he lives now: He often lives in dark caves, inside mountains which is near a forest. He needs forests to hide while he hunting his prey.

Height: Depends.... if you see his human parts, its around 173 cm. But with his tail he is 622 cm.

Weight: before he ate around 134kg, after he ate its depends on the weight of his victim.

Spoken langluage: he hardly learns other langluages than the original demonic langluage, but he knows some world in English and German.

Special Powers:

His tail can be used for suffocate peoples, or break all of his victim's bones.

He ha a poison snage fangs, which can melt the ogans from inside is he bites you.

He is really fast, and quiet when he is on hunt.

He can stretch his jaw to eat a kid in one piece,

Tha real forever alone type of person.
he is really caring and loving type, but only deep inside.
kinda pedophile, but only because his targets only children.
she can tell the difference between the two gender

any kind of human meal
being alone in his cave
decorating his place where he borned
searching for a mate

When someone enters his own place
 Someone disturbes him in his nap time
When his prey is too noisy.

How he kills: 1. :hides in water in the forest. He acts like a man who is having a bath there... and waits till someone gets close to him enough, then grabs the under water and eats the person in one piece.
2.: he moves onto a larger tree and when the prey goes under the tree to have some rest there he just grabs them and warps around hus prey to suffocate the person.
3. When someone enters his cave he slovely follows them, and grabs their leg with his tail, and slap them to the ground till they stop moving and bleed out.

During winter he is in his mating time, so he extremely horny during that season. And this time he not really like to move out his cave, so he have to be careful  cause he can die by hunger.

Fire can cause him painfull damages, what is hardly heals later.

He only targets children because elderly people, above 169 cm suffocates him.

For stronger demons he is a really easy target to kill.

Backstory: He was born in a cave with his 7 smaller brother. He was the oldest child and  his mother's best one. LAter when he reached 100 years he ate all of his younger brothers, and attacked her mother during mating time. She could run away, and never came back to see him. From that day he stills in the same place, hunting and watiting for a mate.

(REMEMBER: Ha may seem as a half human, but he totally behaves like an animal.)
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Unknown72949 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
He looks great ! You did amazing X3
Zahyebah Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2017  Student General Artist
Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it! ^3^
Unknown72949 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No problem!! ^^
Zahyebah Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2017  Student General Artist
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August 8, 2017
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