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Lost Trek Files 120: Fleet - 4

Credits: Akira & Ambassador & Defiant classes by Scifi-art, Nova class by Mike Wright, Constellation class by Cyrille "Tachy" Lefevre, Orca class by Thomas Raube
While Akira on the pics is USS Euderion, i borrow the pics for my own ST series featuring another Akira, the USS Atlantis, probably the most known Starfleet ship in my AU. I think this would be a good pics for one of the battle drivern episode
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Huh... an interesting fleet makeup, seeing Ambassadors and Constellations alongside Defiants and Akiras.

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Oh damn, one of my old stuff. Where do you get this from? Doesnt know i made this public, lol. :-)

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I don't even know myself, it was sitting on my old hardrive for over 10 years. Probably some old Scifi page when i was hunting for good ST stuff. After that i forgot on it until now when i start this Lost Trek series of old ST pics. I hope you dont mind i used your work, i did give proper credit.

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It's okay. I was just a little surprised seeing my old works because after all these years I couldn't remember that I had posted the picture somewhere.

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I was thinking of using this pic as cover for a Dominion war story, featuring USS Atlantis, akira class,

I hunt for lot of ST pics between 2007-2010 so most if not all of pics i uploaded in Lost Trek series are from that era. Surviving for so long and i guess today its quite hard to find those old pics, so i decide to share them. I follow your work for long but this one is definitly one of my favorits.

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"Fire everything!"

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