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Love Tards

Update: thanks to mentions I now know how popular this emote is! So I have updated it, I hope you guys like the change, it can also be used as an avatar ~ :la: Let me know your thoughts on the new version!!
I actually used the same color palette!

:iconlovetardsplz: is the old one :XD:

:giggle: Two love tards joined together in the retardity that is LOVE !
I, of course, partake in this activity too =P!

Well, since it is about love, I'll enter to #Emoticiety's contest too ! (this was my first entry:…

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oooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk just stay chill like freddy
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Using using using <3
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Thank you for enjoying my work!
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What is supposed to go in between the colons? I forget.
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The code you can find on the right side of the page!
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Now I'm just confused.
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Thank you for enjoying my work!!
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It's really beautiful Love Tards
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Love Tards sooooooooo adorabele i'm ddsjakjlnerdjnlkjvxd
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O my puff, so cute!! >w<Love Tards  
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