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3. You must credit me for the avatar somewhere in your page/signature with :dev angelishi: -> =angelishi :la:.

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agh5eventh's avatar

How sexy and cool tentacles on succubus! uwu

Hoppin-Frogs's avatar
You should make a purple heart c:
Zagittorch's avatar
Probably will! :noes:
Pinkie-girl's avatar
sacchariine's avatar
using w/ credit !
Zagittorch's avatar
Thanks for liking my work :)
Huyorij's avatar
Blue Heart Icon Heart light blue big Custom heart [Crystal Blue] small heart - darker blue Custom heart [Royal Blue] Heart  blue big Heart light blue small Heart white small Divider rainbow-comet left Divider rainbow-comet right Blue Heart Icon Heart pastel big 5 Heart pastel small 5 turquoise heart Heart pastel big 5 Bright Blue - heart Blueish White  - Heart Heart  blue small Blue Heart Icon 
Emotionalchild's avatar
This is adorable! Blush-Small 
Zagittorch's avatar
WoodLily's avatar
I just love the bouncy green heart and I will use it as an icon. 
Zagittorch's avatar
WoodLily's avatar
RexaArt's avatar
What do you use to animate??
fouleafclover17's avatar
Its so cute :pwease: 
its so similar to the spm pure hearts 
GabrieleHayes's avatar
Great. I now have to go get that pure heart again!
fouleafclover17's avatar
:BombingEscape:  have fun! don't forget to avoid the dangers!
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